10 Efficient PHP Debugging Tools For Web Developers

PHP, which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is an amazing server-side scripting language that aims at web development. It was created by Rasmus Lerdof in 1995 and since then has grown and enhanced with time. Now it is installed on 244 million plus websites and about 2.1 million web servers. So as the stats make it clear, PHP is one of the most popular and widely used scripting languages in the world. It is quick, efficient and organized. It is even easy to use once you get used to it.

Although PHP is quite sophisticated and all, but still developing can take a lot of time and effort which makes the job of a developer particularly tough and tiring. A developer actually spends a lot of time paying attention to every single detail of their project, so the tools that can help lighten their work-load are deemed nothing less than a blessing. Especially good debugging tools are in great demand by the developers which can make their work easy and quick.

PHP Debugging tools help the developers debug errors in web apps and scripts which make their work simple, fast and also help them maintain the quality of their work. So today we have for you a list of 10 Great PHP Debugging Tools For Developers. Check them out, pick the ones you like the best and take advantage of them!

Here goes the list…

PHP Debugger

php debugger

It is one of the most popular and widely used PHP debugging tools available out there. It helps you find the bugs and then take care of them. This tool also has the ability of inspecting any variables or classes in PHP and then assigning various values to them in the script.



This tool provides you with structured and easy to comprehend information about any PHP variable. The output is in the form of a collapsible DHTML tree and is laid around the structure of the PHP variable. This thing will fasten the debugging process and makes your life a lot easier!



If you have already used the var_dump(), print_r() and debug_backtrace() in debugging, then this tool will prove to be useful for you. It allows you to identify the type of data being dumped and will provide suggestions on other alternatives to make your project even more efficient.



As the name suggests, this tool is for Mac users. It is one of the best tools of its kind for Mac. It has the ability of stepping through your code and setting breakpoints, then bringing up the inspector HUD viewing the complete contents of variables is possible which makes this tool perfect for long codes like that of templates etc.


Pinba is a MySQL storage engine that has the ability of acting like a statistics server for PHP. It functions include accumulating and processing data sent over UDP. The report provided by it is easy to read and comprehend.



This awesome JavaScript tool can be easily incorporated into your project for collecting and showing profiling data. It also boasts support for Ajax requests and all famous libraries and sits on the footer.


This one is an extension that has the ability of getting execution trace of scripts without changing them. Printing the HTTP request parameter and getting information of the argument value of the function call is possible. You can print the returning values can.



This one is really popular PHP libraries that can help you take care of errors and debug them with ease. It boasts user-friendly API which can help you in dealing with exceptions. Tracing frames and their data which are easily integratable with any framework is also possible.



This tool allows combining it with a server-side library and PHP scripts, so this will provide the debugging information to the browser. It creates log warnings and errors in PHP scripts which you can take care of then.



This one is a really easy-to-use tool that allows measuring raw data. It shows you several potential problems in your code such as bugs, sub-optimal code and unused parameters which can make your project less efficient.

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