10 Fresh Free Resources For Web Designers

Web designing is a tedious task, as you need to take care of each and every design requirements and web development tasks. It tends to eat up a lot of your productive time, but if you plan your tasks properly and indulge in smart work, you can complete you projects in not time, and that too with utmost grace.

Well, there is no perfect blueprint that can teach you how to do smart work, but by inculcating efficient strategies you can surely decrease your turnaround time significantly. Moreover, one such strategy being, using pre-developed templates. DealFuel hosts a number of such resources that are extremely potent in providing you a helping hand in all your development tasks. All these resources are properly categorized and easy to work with. These free resources will surely ease your life and provide you a definitive edge over other web designers. So read on and find out, what these DealFuel freebies have in store for you.

  1. Atolo coming soon template


Every now and then due to maintenance and website renovations, you deny your audience access to your website, and display a message stating that, “The website would be live soon”. This message is general static and lacks a lot of vital information, like the probable reason the site is down, when would it be back up, e.t.c. However, with Atolo coming soon template, you can construct a visually appealing coming soon message that will contain other vital information as well. The template is responsive and can be modified according to your needs and requirements.

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  1. A spectrum of royalty free graphics

A spectrum of royalty free graphics

Web design graphics has limitless applications, not only within your website, but outside it as well. This freebie consists of a number of graphic design elements which can be used as decorative elements or as banners and posters. The high-quality graphics present within this resource can be used as the website background. This resource also allows you to print these designs on t-shirts or hoodies. All in all, these free graphics are extremely handy and can find a number of implications.

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  1. Pricing tables and banners

Pricing tables and banners

Banners and tables are extremely potent in portraying the pricing and offers of different products and services. They tend to use up less space, yet provides a lot of statistical information thus improving understanding of the customers. Using these attractive pricing tables, you can compare different pricing and offers provided by different authorities and use the banners to specify and highlight vital data. The pricing tables and banners come in different color options and can be modified according to your requirements.

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  1. Responsive WordPress template

Responsive WordPress template

Now a day’s websites are accessed using a spectrum of different mobile devices. Hence, it is essential to make sure that the website that you are constructing is fully responsive and agile enough to showcase design and images of varying resolutions. Thanks to this responsive template, you can render your website with ease on all mobile devices. To top it off, the template is great for showcasing portfolios and one’s creations, thus making it the apt choice to use while creating a portfolio or a website for a restaurant. The template supports a number of social media widgets and thoroughly customizable.

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  1. Vintage vector badges

Vintage vector badges

Badges in itself is capable of depicting a lot of information to your audience. Specific badges, thanks to their design can be utilized to convey vital information as well. This resource consists of 16 different badges that can be used to denote the authenticity, originality, fragility and even quality of any product. This badges would fit right in for web-stores or e-commerce & auction websites. They have an elegant look and feel and can be instantly downloaded.

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  1. Paper pack patterns

Paper pack patterns

For web designers, patterns are a simple yet valuable resource. They can act as posters, website backgrounds or even act as templates while creating some brand new design elements. This set of 12 different paper packs consists of high-quality image of different patterns, which provides it the realistic feel like that of paper.

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  1. Wedding and edge PSDs

Wedding and edge PSDs

This resource comes in two parts. The Edge PSD can be used to showcase your portfolio or the portfolio of one of your clients’. It has a robust UI that can effortlessly showcase the works of an artist, freelancer, photographer or act as a portfolio. The wedding PSD can be used to create wedding invitations or as a means to flaunt your wedding day photographs and memories.

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  1. Single-page responsive templates

Single-page responsive templates

Single-page websites are the trends of the season. They bring forth a stunning look and feel and are also responsive. This freebie from the stables of DealFuel consists of 2 different single page responsive templates. They have excellent user interface allows you to incorporate different widgets in it. These templates are perfect for creating a website for small businesses or to showcase your personal portfolio. They come in different coloring themes and can be further customized according to your needs and desire. They can be instantly downloaded and used for commercial or personal projects.

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  1. Icon and wood patterns

Icon and wood patterns

Wood patterns help to add a touch of nature to your website and also make it look royal. These set of high-quality icon and wood patterns can be used as background for your website or as posters. They can be downloaded in different formats and can be used for furniture web-stores or auctioning websites.

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  1. Website Checklist for graphic designers

Website Checklist for graphic designers

As a graphic designer, you need to take into account a lot of designing tasks and make sure that you complete each and every one of them in time. So the best way to keep tab of your designing tasks is to prepare a checklist. This website checklist from DealFuel can be used to jot down all your designing tasks as well as various social media integrations as well. This checklist is the ultimate planning tool for you and is extremely handy for all your tasks and duties.

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So, aren’t these resources helpful in reducing your time of work?

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