10 Fresh Useful Tools For Designers, Developers and Online Businesses

The internet has grown quite a lot in the past few days – it has now become a full-fledged industry. Now people are engaged in businesses related to the web and many people are find jobs and employments in this industry. The web designing and development industry has been revolutionized, thanks to all the latest technologies and advancements relating to the web.

Every day we see new tools coming up which make lives of people related to the vast and complicated industry a lot easier. Tasks related to web designing, development and entrepreneurship can be irksome, time-consuming, boring and irritating. So to make these tasks easier, quicker and less stressful these people are always on the lookout for tools that can make their lives a lot easier and make them face the fierce competition of this ever-growing industry. Taking advantage of these tools can help you make your place in this industry and leave a mark.

We have for you all 10 Fresh Useful Tools For Designers, Developers and Online Businesses. We sincerely hope that these tools will help you out. So check them out, pick the ones you like the best and take advantage of them. So without any further ado, here goes the list…

Pricer Ninja


Pricer Ninja is a great tool that allows creating responsive pricing tables for your sites easily and quickly. Select the skin/template of your choice and customize them according to your requirements. Then simply publish, manage and analyze your tables.



Stripe is a cool tool for developers that can help them with web and mobile payments. It is a set of unified APIs and tools that have the ability of allowing businesses to accept/manage online payments with ease.



This one is a simple yet a must have tool for everyone. It lets you save web pages so that you can read them later on your iPhone, iPad, Android, computer, or Kindle.

Clever Elements


Clever Elements helps you with email marketing and makes it easier, quicker and more productive, giving you amazing results. Simply register for free, import the subscribers, create newsletter with the template of your choice with the drag-and-drop feature and then finally send it away! It is as simple as that. It also provides you with detailed analysis so that you can make improvements.



This one is an awesome tool that enhances the workflow. It makes the workflow more productive and makes communication with your team easier and quicker; and provides you with a single place where you and your team can collaborate, share ideas, manage tasks together, have discussions and share files etc.

GistBox: Personal Code Library


As the name suggests, this one is a really cool personal code library which helps you with coding. It boasts snippets lists and code details and lets you organize your code snippets by language, project or purpose. It also allows searching the library for required codes and offers a feature-rich code editor etc which can help you manage codes easily and quickly.



This amazing tool can prove to be a powerful marketing tool that can help you grow your business using Twitter. It allows for targeted marketing and building your community. It offers some cool follow/unfollow tools and also provides powerful analytics.



This one is a daily planner for you that can help you stay organized and make sure that you don’t forget the important stuff. It has good features like the ability to snooze, tag and filter, and manage your tasks.



This one offers you valuable feedback from customers. It allows creating customers online community and engaging them, so as to let you satisfy your customers, get their valuable feedback and gain new customers etc.



This tool allows accurate tracking of your Envato sales. This is one of the most sophisticated tool of its kind. It also helps in analyzing and predicting your sales on an hourly or daily basis. It also provides you with a detailed report of your weekly/monthly sales performance.

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