10 Superlative Mobile App UX/UI Trends To Watch In 2015

Every year, the mobile market unveils a new list of design trends that are essential to create a remarkable application. There is no debate whether the mobile apps will hold the reins in the future or not. The analytics and stats have already made the things quite clear. Believe it or not, but it has shown that the usage of mobile devices has exponentially increased in the last few years and it is only expected to rev up further in the coming future. Thus, it makes the mobile presence more than imperative for businesses who are looking for a sustainable success.

mobile app ux ui

In the year 2014, we have come across numerous mobile designs boasting aesthetic UI and UX. And, have observed that certainly like web trends, the mobile UI and UX design trends are also ever fluctuating. This article will provide a few of the noteworthy mobile trends that are sure to boost the UI and UX of any mobile application. Furthermore, these trends are anticipated to go viral in the year 2015.

Let’s distill the list and sit prepared to revamp your mobile presence accordingly, in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

  1. Simple and impressive color scheme

The flashy screen has become outdated, now users prefer subtle and eye-soothing colors more over vivid colors. Moreover, simple color scheme helps further optimize the flat design and make it appear more engaging and intriguing to the viewers. It, thus, will allow one to gather the attention of potential viewers and keep them engaged longer.

  1. App usage for online shopping will augment

On considering the user behavior and stats, it has been observed that the number of app users has substantially increased in the last years. And, there was a major amount of drift in the retail applications. Thus, keeping this fact in mind, it is anticipated that the m-commerce will certainly gain more attention in this year. And thus, rich UI will be designed accordingly to ensure an optimal shopping experience via mobiles.

  1. Visually appealing CTA on blurry backgrounds

The CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons are inevitably imperative. If they are designed appropriately, they can certainly bring you good business and boost your profits. To grab the viewer’s attention right on the UI elements that define the core objective of the app, CTAs can be placed over a blurry background. This will enhance the look and feel of the app while ensuring a rich UX.

  1. The Wearable market can’t be ignored

Mobile app is going to enter in an entirely new phase with wearables. Wearable market has got a conspicuous public attention. Especially, after Apple has announced its Watch, which is expected to be released in stores this year. Since, there will be no standalone apps for Apple Watch, it will work with iPhone or iPad, mobile apps are required to be designed with a suitable approach.

The Wearable market can't be ignored

  1. Payments App for mobiles

The Apple Pay has got a great market response. Observing this, it is anticipated that more and more mobile applications will come equipped with superlative payment capabilities like that offered by Apple Pay. This will surely influence the UI and UX design pattern (while targeting such goals, it is essential to ensure a highly intuitive and simple UI).

  1. Offer screen agnostic experience

Due to the proliferation of mobile devices with different shapes and sizes, the apps are accessed through wearable, Smartphones, tablets and more devices. This will ultimately add to the demand of the screen agnostic design.

  1. More integration of social media

Understanding the augmenting popularity of social media, there will be apps featuring icons seamlessly sharing stuffs on a social network like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This trend has already gained a great momentum in 2014, it is only expected to continue in 2015.

  1. Parallax scrolling

Scrolling offers great accessibility over mobile devices rather than clicking. Since, the mobile screens are smaller in size, scrolling the screen to review the content is far more convenient than clicking over tab to read different pages. The parallax scrolling will thus become more common in mobile UI/UX design trends in 2015.

Parallax scrolling

  1. Material and responsive design

Android 5.0 has unveiled material design in 2014 that has amazingly garnered great popularity among mobile designers as well as users. The utile benefits of responsive design are imminent. Thus, both the design trends will hold the ground in the coming few years (until some superior design trend doesn’t surface).

Material and responsive design

  1. Next Generation mobile integration with automobiles

Not only the handy mobile devices, but automobile will also leverage the mobile app design trends in 2015. There will be apps to support GPS via Wi-Fi in vehicle, push notifications in vehicles, and so forth. These trends will influence the app design to ensure easy navigation and high flexibility to the users.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Designing a mobile application while keeping the aforementioned trends in mind will help you create an astonishing app UI that will deliver excellent UX. No matter, which platform you target, these mobile design trends are expected to hit the stores of all mobile platforms.

About the author: Lucie Kruger is an app developer working with Mobiers Ltd, one of the leading Android app development companies. She provides concrete information on latest technologies like

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