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10 Top-Notched Free Ghost Themes For Your Consideration

Ghost is an impeccable blogging platform that is incessantly gaining popularity across the globe. It offers several resourceful features and deliver highly customizable hosted solution. This simple blogging platform is quite useful for bloggers, as it scrutinize the blog creation process and thus, enables one to concentrate on content.

The platform supports an overwhelming list of themes, which makes it easy to get confused while making a choice of a theme for a blog. To help you streamline your choice with a superb theme that can boost the look and feel of almost any blog, here is a list of free Ghost themes that delivers a riveting and impressive visual appeal; let’s explore them.

  1. Saga

Saga is a media-focused theme that supports single column layout. It is simply perfect for displaying small, medium, large or full size image. It epitomizes the content in a smaller column while keeping the featured images in larger column. The built-in lightroom effect is perfect for embellishing images and creating a remarkable appearance. It is an ultimate choice for blogs that feature several images; whether yours is a travel blog or photo blog, where images play a vital role, Saga theme can overhaul the complete appearance of the blog. It will lend a nice look to your blog and help hold visitors’ interest.


  1. Decode

This is yet another impressive theme that offers an amazing appearance to any blog. Although the theme doesn’t embrace any compelling animations or videos, but the way it organizes and represents the content is simply great. With a perfect layout consistently updated system, this Ghost theme is an absolute choice for most of the bloggers. You can also tailor the features of this theme as desired to personalize the style of your blog in a suitable way.


  1. Typesome

Typesome is a fabulous theme that offers brilliant typography to make blogs more appealing and legible. It offers native support for Google Analytics that helps one to keep a track of blog visitors, and Disqus that allows viewers to efficiently read and leave comments on your blog. The theme features CSS classes and an entire set of Font Awesome icons. Moreover, it offers responsive videos that further add to its credibility.


  1. GhostScroll

GhostScroll is a wonderful single column theme for Ghost blogs. Thus, if you have a single page website, this free theme makes a great choice. However, it doesn’t imply that it is tough to access. It has the capability to allow users to conveniently navigate to any section on the page. The features large background image further adds to the credibility of this theme. Though, it doesn’t have the built-in social media support and content support, the theme features a well-organized menu and delivers an ultimate UX.


  1. Ghostwriter

This aesthetically design theme is a simple theme that supports AJAX and is released under the MIT license. The theme perfectly supports Ghost 0.5.x version and deliver an incredible design with an easily readable typography. This is a fully responsive theme that includes SASS files and supports static pages. The theme makes it extremely easy and fast to seamlessly move between different pages and posts.


  1. Day and Night

If you are looking for a theme that can create a tumblog appearance, the Day and Night is a great choice. This free Ghost theme features a gray color scheme and grid-like layout. It lends a minimalist and attractive visual appeal while organizing the blogs in a proficient fashion. Your readers can conveniently navigate through the blog and access the requisite section with a breeze.

6 Day& Night

  1. Swayze

This is a beautiful content-centric theme for Ghost. It offers a clear and minimalist design that can entice readers with a pleasing visual appeal. Your visitor will certainly like to explore your blog and read blogs.


  1. ABC

ABC theme is another single column Ghost theme that features a minimalist and simple visual appeal. It possesses a black and white suite, which gives it an elegant and classy touch. The theme comes complete with social media sharing, comments and syntax highlighting feature.


  1. Creator

This is an exquisite theme that can aesthetically adorn Ghost blogs. It is an absolute choice for artists, designers, photographers or anyone who is seeking for a feature-theme for his Ghost photo blog. Since, it embraces high quality and heavy images, this theme is practically not suggested for blogs that don’t include images. The theme is developed in the Foundation framework that offers simple formatting tools so you can easily tailor its look and feel as and when required. Moreover, its responsive design ensures a surefire presence of your blog on any device.

9 Creator

  1. Abstraction

Abstraction is a fantastic Ghost theme whose design has been inspired from the Capser theme. It has some additional features that create a nice feel to the theme. This theme is designed using LibSass, Autoprefixer and Gulp. Though social media sharing in supported, but it doesn’t have built-in comments or a menu. Its latest version is recently upgraded, thus, it will offer an updated look and feel.

10 Abstraction

Wrapping Up:

You can choose any of the aforementioned themes that best complements your Ghost blog and enhance the visual appearance of your blog. Since, some of the themes are ideal to support a particular type of blogs, it is essential to streamline your choice by taking your business goals and blogs objective into account.

Author Bio – Mike swan is professional WordPress developer and helps users in converting PSD to wordpress theme services.  He loves to share his experiences in web design and web development trends.

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