10 Unsung Inventors Of Some Amazing Things

There are many things without which we cannot imagine our lives, such as frozen food, matches, traffic signals and chewing gum. These are the everyday essential items that are a part of our everyday routine. Although these things are extremely important, but have you ever thought who invented them? The inventors of such things are the unsung heroes who did not get the fame they deserved – after all, they made our lives extremely easy with their amazing inventions.

These inventors changed the way humans used to live and their creativity definitely proved to be of great help to us. Life would have been really tough without the things they invented. So next time you think of inventors it should not only be the inventors of light bulb, telephone or airplanes, but also influential inventors of frozen food, matches, traffic signals and chewing gum etc!

So as a tribute to the inventors of some of the most amazing things around us, today we are going to present a list of 10 Unsung Inventors Of Some Amazing Things. They definitely deserve to get their part of fame and respect, so check this list out and increase your knowledge. Without any further ado, here goes the list…

Tim Berners-Lee — The World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee

You are reading this article on the World Wide Web, and this is the reason why you should take this opportunity to thank Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of WWW. He was a British computer scientist and is the father of the Web!

Stephanie Kwolek — Kevlar

Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar in 1965 which is a synthetic fiber used in bullet-proof vests. This material is about 5 times stronger than steel and is used today in underwater cables, parachutes, brake linings, skis, boats, fiber-optic cables, space vehicles and building materials!

Clarence Birdseye — Frozen Food

If you love your frozen food and take advantage of it on regular basis, then you should definitely be thankful to this man. He was the man who discovered the technology of flash-freezing foods so that they remained fresh and tasted better than the foods from slower freezing methods. He is the father of the frozen food industry and Birds Eye is a famous frozen food brand still available.

Garrett Morgan — The Gas Mask, Hair Straightener, Traffic Signal Etc

Garrett Morgan is the man who invented a lot of amazing things like ‘breathing machine’ which evolved into gas masks, hair straightener, traffic signals etc. Well, imagine the world without these things and then you’ll know why he is one of the most important inventors of his time and why we should all thank him for his inventions.

Dr. Charles Drew — Modern Blood Banks

Dr. Charles Drew was a physician and medical researcher and the man who came up with the technique of storing and processing blood plasma used in transfusions. All this laid the foundation of modern blood banks which are taken advantage of all over the world now.

John Walker — Matches

John Walker

Life without matches is unimaginable – just think about using stones and sticks to light fire during camping or while cooking at home! John Walker was a chemist who invented a paste which would light up into fire when scratched against a rough surface. He started selling matches made from cardboard sticks in 1824, but never patented his work. Sir Isaac Holden completed the work of John Walker and became known for the invention.

Ermal “Ernie” Fraze — Soda Can Pop-Tab

We all love our cola cans – they are easy to handle, taste better and are easy to open! Yes, we should all take a moment to thank the person who came up with the idea of pull-top cans which evolved into pop tab cans we have today. He improved the beverage by 1959 and within a few years, by 1965, 75% of American beer brewers had started using these new cans.

Thomas Midgley Jr. — Leaded Gasoline

Thomas Midgley Jr

He invented include leaded gasoline which helped reduce “knock” in engines, thus enhancing the efficiency of the engines; and CFCs which allowed a safer and mass market refrigeration methods. But now these two things are known as major contributors of global warming. But at his time, these were great inventions.

Thomas Adams — Chewing Gum

Thomas Adams tried using chicle, which is a natural gum ingredient from trees for rain boots, masks, bicycle tires and toys but could not produce anything remarkable, until he invented chewing gum!

Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes — Bubble Wrap

Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes

This awesome (and fun to pop) packing material was invented by Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes. They were aiming to design plastic wallpaper which they were unsuccessful in doing so, and in that process they found out that their invention was an effective packing material. They are the founders of the Sealed Air Corporation which now produces annual revenues of more than $8 billion and operates in 175 countries.

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