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11 Javascript ToolKit For Creating Charts and Graphs

This article is basically your guide to the most popular and an effective JavaScript toolkit for creating charts and graphs. We will give you an overview of what these toolkits can actually do for you. If you are a developer, I am sure you have find yourself repeating some old cold again and again. If this happens with you more than often, toolkits are absolutely perfect for you. This article is basically intended to help JavaScript developers so that they can make their work a lot simpler.

These toolkits will definitely simplify your work when it comes to development and that too in a lot of ways. These toolkits are also known as frameworks and some call them libraries however, name doesn’t really matter. The best part is that they are meant to ease the tasks of a developer and make things productive. Let us now take a look at the JavaScript Toolkit for creating charts and graphs.

FusionCharts Suite XT – JavaScript Charts for the Grown-ups

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FusionCharts Suite XT gives you delightful JavaScript charts that work across devices and platforms. It’s the most comprehensive solution out there with 90+ chart types, complete with interactive features like tool-tips, drill-down, zoom, scroll, and more. It comes with comprehensive docs, and readymade demos, allowing you to create your first chart in under 15 minutes.


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Aristochart is definitely one of the best toolkits available for creating charts and graphics. The best thing is that is can be customized and is very flexible line charting library. Your focus can remain on aesthetic and Aristochart can take care of the backend data. It also offers a wide range of themes for your selection.

Morris.Js – Pretty Time-Series Line Graphs

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Morris.js is one of the most effective JavaScript toolkits. It is basically a library that controls the graphs. Morris.js is a simple API and it is for drawling line, bar, area and of course donut charts. You will find how convenient this is after using it.

JKit : JQuery Based UI Toolkit

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JKit, is definitely an easy to use toolkit. It is a cross platform and jQuery based toolkit. Although its small in size but will offer you all the needed features. It makes life simple and removes complications from the development process.

D3.Js – JQuery 3D Plugin

DEMO || Download


if you are looking to manipulate documents according to data, D3.js JavaScript’s library is the best option for you. It will help you in bringing your data to life with the help of HTML, SVG and CSS. The best thing is that it does not tie you to proprietary framework.

Rickshaw – JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs

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if you are looking to create interactive graphs, Rickshaw will provide you with all the needed elements. Since it is all based on d3 underneath, you will be able to draw graphs with SVG and styles with CSS. You can also customize your own techniques and the best thing is that it is free and open source.

sDashboard – Simple & light weight Dashboard framework in jQuery

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sDashboard is basically a jQuery plugin and it converts assorted objects into a dashboard. Every object that has been converted will be rendered as a widget and a developer can drag it. This plug-in has built in support for interpreting datatable’s and flotr3 charts. It also offers a lot of other features that can simplify your life.

Highcharts – Interactive JavaScript charts for your webpage

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This is basically a charting library and is written totally in pure JavaScript. This will offer you interactive charts for your website. Highcharts supports most of the chart types and it includes line, spline, column, bar and a lot more.

jqPlot – A Versatile and Expandable jQuery Plotting Plugin

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jqPlot is basically a charting plugin and it creates some beautiful pie, line and bar charts. It has a lot of features and offers wide variety of chart styles, offers customizable formatting and a lot more. It has been tested on all famous browsers such IE 7 and onwards, Firefox, safari and Opera.

jQuery Spidergraph Plugin – Dynamic, interactive spidergraphs in HTML5

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Looking to create spidergraphs in HTML5? Well, your search ends with jQuery Spidergraph. This is basically a plain and easy to use module and it helps developers in creating goodlooking and attractive spidergraphs. Other features includes, illustrating scaled quantitative data for several subjective attributes and overlaying multiple data.

Dygraphs JavaScript Visualization Library

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Producing interactive, zoomable charts is not an easy task. However, dygraphs can definitely help you in doing this. It is basically an open source JavaScript library that proves to be benficial. It is basically designed to display slid data and users can obviously explore the data in order to interpret it.


DEMO || Download

I have always believed that charts are a great way to present data in a less complicated way. Creating a professional admin panle won’t be easy without charts. Also, setting them up is a tricky job, isn’t it? However, libraries such as xCharts are making lives a lot easier. You can use it for building some pretty AJAX-powered charts so what are you waiting for? Go ahead, explore it and live a simple, less complicated life.


Toolkits have been making lives easier for developers and the above mentioned toolkits are definitely among them. We should continue to explore more toolkits like these so that things can get easier and creating charts will no longer remain a hassle. If you have any JavaScript toolkits that you can share, please do.

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