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11 Tools for Optimizing and Formatting CSS Code

Your website is made up with hundreds of codes, all of them dependent upon each other in making sure that the webpage is running smoothly. When a webmaster is able to create these codes and makes a mistake even with just one of them, the whole site goes down and users will be able to see a screen that says there is an error on a specific code of command created. You would not want this to happen as it disappoints and upsets prospective customers who may visit your website.

This is the very reason why programmers and webmasters are relying on CSS Code optimizers, to see that the codes they have made are all working. However, these online programs are made with a higher purpose. They also update codes, especially old ones, into shorter and more efficient instructions that different browsers can easily understand. But since there are many choices out there, these 11 tools for optimizing and formatting CSS code are the most valuable that you can use.

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1. ProCSSor

Whether you copy-paste your codes, upload a file, or indicate the URL of the CSS codes you want to optimize, ProCSSor conveniently cleans everything for you. You could even opt for Neat, Pretty, or Awesome cleanup modes for personal preference.


2. CSS Portal

Once you paste the CSS codes you need to customize, you can add in personal options such as indents, specific items with open and close bracket instances, new lines or indents with CSS properties, and more, all done with ease.

CSS Portal

3. Clean CSS

Cleaning CSS codes in this website is on the aspect of compression where it can modify code size to obtain readability. You could customize compression, regroup selectors, optimize shorthands, remove unnecessary strings, and you can even add a timestamp as to when the compression was done.


4. CSS Comb

Just like making your hair clean and tangle-free, CSS Comb does the same thing with your codes, to make sure that it’s organized, orderly, and neat to look at as a whole. It can even sort set of instructions according to your desired output.



Is the name looking multiple? CSSCSS serves its purpose by looking at your codes and detecting if there are multiple instances or duplicate declarations within the instructions created. After all, removing redundancy gives sense in everything.


6. Helium CSS

Helium CSS only works when you are able to enter its script in your website. Once you do so, you are prompted to enter the URL you need to search for unused codes, which are supposed to be included in your site for optimization.

Helium CSS


Just as clean as an “O”, CSSO removes everything unnecessary to  make your site running faster with lesser loading time. It can remove whitespaces, comments, invalid declarations, minification of properties, and merge identical items.


8. CSS Beautifier

In the simplest sense, CSS Beautifier makes your CSS Codes easier to read and more organized with declarations, string sets, and color codes, all with fitting the right braces and semi-colons.

CSS Beautifier

9. CSS Lint

CSS Lint may hurt your pride for not being a perfect programmer, but it’s valuable in making your codes better.


10. ZBugs

With a site pure and simple with all the clean lines and tidy appearance, ZBugs does just that with your CSS Codes, minifying it and compressing it.


11. Devilo.us

This devilish CSS code optimizer simply compresses and tidies up your messy sets of instructions… something ironic that a devil would actually do.


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