20 Amazing Free Themes for Ghost

Ghost is a new blogging platform that launched just last month but with a bang! Ghost actually came out with a bang and launched universal acclaim. The buzz of excitement around it was quite amazing. It seems like it actually is the new big thing in the world of blogging.

Ghost has some really cool features to offer too, which makes it a nice blogging platform. One of the things that it focuses the most on is good content and publishing your blogs. It allows you to do what a good blogging platform should i.e. blog and speak your mind. It is a simple, open source and free platform which is dedicated to one thing: Publishing. It is simple, elegant and extremely easy to use, and does not make creating a blog a tiresome task by offering you a huge amount of options; rather it keeps it simple and provides only the essential options needed for a blog. So you spend less time making the blog, and more time blogging. Its content writing screen is quite user-friendly and allows formatting your content on the go. It is mobile friendly, has no learning curve and allows you to publish your ideas quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Free Themes for Ghost are simple, lightweight and minimal. They have beautiful typography, as it is the most important element of a blog. So today we have for you a collection of some really cool free Ghost themes, as well as some really nice blank themes which can help you create your own Ghost themes easily and quickly. So check this list of 20 Amazing Free Themes for Ghost…

Blank / Starter Ghost Themes

Opera Starter Theme

This awesome blank theme is a great base your any theme to be built upon. It is high-quality and easy to work with.

Boostrap Ghost Theme from Matt Lambert

Matt Lambert has created this really cool blank theme for Ghost which comes with Twitter Bootstrap integration. All its components are present for using.

Linen – A Ghost Starter Theme

This one is a really cool blank theme for Ghost that will help you build your own theme easily and quickly. It provides a great starting point for your theme and a high-quality foundation for it.

Phantom Yeti – Starter Theme Built on Foundation

This blank theme is created on the Foundation framework which is why is boasts all of its SASS and Javascript elements and offers Foundicons Enclosed and a really cool social icon set.

Ghost Blank from Daniel Riemer

This starter theme provides all the essential files that are required to create your own theme such as templates for homepage, posts and a CSS file with some basic styling which will provide a good base for your theme.

Free Themes for Ghost

Solar from Matt Harzewski

This simple yet beautiful theme is based on the Solarized color palette and it includes stylesheets for its default light-on-dark version. This light on dark version makes reading much more fun and interesting.


Readium from Sven Read

This one is a really nice minimal theme which is built with LESS. It will provide a great reading experience to your readers as it offers most of the text formatting features that Medium.com boasts.


The Classy from Theme Spectre


This theme is exactly what its name says: Classy! It is a simple, minimalistic and monochromatic Ghost theme. It is perfect for people who want nothing other than written words on their blog!


Ghost Theme from Designing Sean

This simple, lightweight yet very chic theme is perfect for people who wish to put all the focus on their content as this theme makes reading the blog a very simple task.


Ghostless from Stefan Leonte

This one is a free minimalistic Ghost theme which is based on a WordPress thee known as Less. It is a port from Less to Ghost, but with a personal touch from Stefan Leonte.


Aura from Tom Kenny

This one is a minimal, simple, user-friendly and free blogging theme for Ghost. It is brilliant, vibrant and bold and helps you put all the focus of the reader on the written content.


Vapor from Seth Lilly


This one is a simple, minimal yet very elegant theme. It is responsive and puts a strong emphasis on typography as it is an important element of any blogging theme. Fonts have been embedded using Google fonts which are quite good.


Ghostwriter from Rory G.


This one is a very simple yet efficient AJAX driven theme for Ghost which will make your blog more decent and readable.


GhostScroll from Yonatan Wolowelsky


This minimal and lightweight theme is perfect for blogger who wish to create a simple yet beautiful one-page website for promotional uses or for personal uses.


Ghost Theme Based on UiKIT (getuikit.com)

As the name suggests, this amazing Ghost theme is based on UiKIT. It is simple, beautiful and efficient.


Albireo from Marco Santonocito


This one is a great theme from Marco Santonocito. It is quite minimalistic and simple, but definitely looks great!


Magnum from Durgesh Priyaranjan


Magnum is a simple and responsive theme for Ghost which boasts support for Syntax highlight. This theme is quite bold and beautiful.


Ghost Theme Based on PureCSS (purecss.io)


This Ghost theme is based on PureCSS. It is a lovely theme. Images look quite breathtaking on it. On the whole it is a really nice theme for Ghost.


SŁIMPØST from Dmitriy S.

This minimal theme for Ghost is quite lightweight. It will give a fresh and attractive look to your blog.


Ghost Theme from Adam Cooke


Adam Cooke has done a great job in creating the elegant yet lightweight Ghost theme. It is simple yet very powerful and will provide a great user-experience to your visitors.


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