20 jQuery and CSS Text Effect Plugins

jQuery and CSS have arguably revolutionized the designing and development industry. It has made everything so easy, quick and hassle-free. jQuery allows you to execute some really amazing stuff on your web pages without much effort – thanks to all the cool jQuery plugins available out there.

Text effects were used quite commonly a few years back, but there use has diminished in the recent years. But still when these effects are implemented in the right way, they can spice up your design a great deal and make it look extraordinary.

So today we are going to present a list of some really cool text effect plugins that will help you create some cool and dynamic stuff for your web pages in an easy and quick way. So here goes the list of 20 jQuery and CSS Text Effect Plugins. Check them out and pick the ones you like the best. Here we go..

Jumble Text Effect Plugins

Demo || Download


This one is a really nice plugin that allows you to jumble up the colors of your text as well as animate them. This effect is totally cool and can add life to any design.

Vticker – Vertical News Ticker With JQuery Plugin

Demo || Download


This plugin allows adding a ticker on your web page that scrolls vertically. It is perfect for using as a way of displaying latest alerts or to highlight some specific content.

JQuery TE – Text Editor With JQuery Plugin

Demo || Download


This lightweight and handy text editor is sized at only 16.6 KB, but still is quite useful. It is compatible with WYSIWYG model and its interface can be modified according to your choice.

Squishy – JQuery Plugin For Fitting Text Exactly To Its Container

Demo || Download


This plugin makes sure that the text automatically resizes to fit the container. It gives you options to set the size and width, such as maxSize for maximum font size and minSize for minimum font size; and maxWidth for maximum width and minWidth for minimum.

Bootstrap MaxLength

Demo || Download


This one is a really cool JQuery and Bootstrap plugin that allows character count of inputs by users. It lets you display the maximum length of characters the user is inserting. It makes use of the HTML5 attribute “maxlength” perfectly.

Bacon – JQuery Plugin That Allows You To Wrap Text Around

Demo || Download


This simple plugin allows wrapping the text around a bezier curve or a line to make your text look quite cool and also provide you with typographic control!

JQuery Litelighter – Light Weight Syntax Highlighting For JQuery

Demo || Download


This one is a tiny syntax highlighting plugin that boasts two themes, that are light and dark and supports JS, HTML, CSS languages.

JQuery Text Highlighter and Filter Plugin

Demo || Download


As the name suggests, this plugin allows highlighting the text which is input by the users on the page.  When a user types something, the area on the page becomes responsive and only the area where that word is present is displayed!

JQuery Marquee Plugin

Demo || Download


This one is a lightweight plugin that is sized at only 1.3kb. It allows creating scrolling text similar to the traditional marquee effect.

Scrolling Text And Animations With JQuery

Demo || Download


The name says it all! This plugin allows creating scrolling text and animations, including cool scrolling text, news ticker, or image animations. It boasts support for HTML5 and is compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Scrollorama – JQuery Plugin For Cool Scroll Animation

Demo || Download


This plugin allows creating some cool scrolling text animations and offers transitions, fading in effect, flying in effect, rotating in effect and zooming in.

Billboard : A Simple JQuery Plugin That Rotates Text

Demo || Download


This one is a simple plugin that allows rotating text in and out on an interval or click. Hovering over the text would pause its rotating effect.

Ellipsis – Jquery Ellipsis Plugin

Demo || Download


This plugin allows ellipsifying i.e., shortening your text if it is very long. The original text can be seen by hovering over the shortened text. It is a very basic and simple, yet very useful plugin.

FresherEditor – JQuery Rich Html Text Editor

Demo || Download


It is a really cool HTML editor that utilizes Twitter’s bootstrap.css and boasts support for text alignment and font size and name selection, as well as foreground and background selection using the inbuilt color picker etc.

Demo Wiki Text: Client-Side Scripting

Demo || Download


This plugin allows marking text in a given DOM structure easily and quickly. Begin by scanning the DOM, wrapping the text of your choice in its own element and then doing whatever you want! It is lightweight, quick and offers full optimization.

Fancy Input – JQuery Plugin For Typing In Input With Amazing CSS3 Effects

Demo || Download


As the name hints, this plugin makes typing text in a field fancy and fun! It works with the input fields wrapped with a div, in such a way that the actual input field is actually hidden and spans element containing the character pressed which is transitioned in a nice CSS3 way. It is fun and handy!

JQuery WebTicker Plugin

Demo || Download


This one is a very simple yet very useful ticker plugin that allows you to highlight some alert or certain information. It offers easy customization. It can be used as a news ticker too.

JQuery Text Animation Plugin

Demo || Download


This awesome plugin simply allows you to do what its name suggests and that is creating some really cool custom text animations!

Textillate.Js A Simple Plugin For CSS3 Text Animations

Demo || Download


This one integrates some really nice libraries to offer a handy plugin that lets you apply CSS3 animations to the text in your web page.


Demo || Download


It allows adding a flame-like effect to text utilizing various different text-shadows, animated by repeatedly changing their horizontal offsets.

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