3 Creative Ways to Market Your Business With Binders

Marketing is all in the details because prospects notice little things about businesses. So what’s one of the best “little things” to show clients you care? Custom branded binders. Here’s how binders can help you make a great impression:

3 Creative Ways to Market Your Business With Binders

1) Give people a takeaway

People often make useful connections, yet leave with nothing to show for it except a website to visit or phone number to call. While those things are important, a tangible connection to your brand is more meaningful.

Interacting with a physical object helps clients retain information about your brand and make stronger emotional connections to it. That’s especially true if you include product samples or promotional offers, which encourage clients to work with you.

2) Make meetings entertaining

There’s nothing worse than being in a meeting that’s so boring, even the facilitator seems unengaged. There are many options for printing custom binders that can make meetings more interesting and also go with the topic at hand.

Binders are a tool to help attendees stay on track—especially if they require people to take notes, answer questions, or interact with each other. This works wonders for client meetings in particular; when you go the extra mile to help people understand what you offer, they’re much more likely to work with you.

3) Organize your office space

Imagine being invited to someone’s house, only to find dirty dishes, messy bathrooms, and overflowing trash cans. Whether it grosses you out or makes you want to break out the cleaning supplies, messes like that are a huge distraction.

If clients frequent your office, they need to focus on business—not your mess. Binders help you create an organized environment that tells visitors you’re trustworthy and professional.

Used in these ways, branded marketing binders help potential clients feel comfortable, entertained, and focused. They demonstrate your attention to detail and your concern for clients’ needs. Best of all, they’re a simple, cost-effective way to build your brand’s reputation.

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