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5 Nitty-Gritty Yet Essential Web Design Principles You Shouldn’t Avoid

With each day, the web is getting jam-packed with dozens of websites. And thus, it’s getting difficult for website owners to get their sites get a hold of the masses.

Web design is a vital factor that makes or breaks your online image. Web design is a creative process and can rightly be called as the medium of presentation, showcasing your business products and services to target audience. There are a few principles following which you can create a visually enticing design that speaks to your audience and get your site the attention it needs. Certainly, it’s not that easy and one has to be talented and artistic enough to build a design that brings them to fame. But you can’t ignore the basic principles of web design, which plays a significant role in making your website look pleasing to the eye.


  1. Purpose

This is indeed the most crucial aspect of web design that you need to understand – the purpose behind website creation. A good web design is one that meets the needs and wants of the users. Are your site visitors looking for some information, seeking entertainment, or just need to carry out interaction with your business? There’s a purpose for building every site. Simply put, you need to come up with a design that sheds light on elements that help propel traffic, keeps the traffic engaged and turn it into potential customers. Nevertheless, a pretty website design is essential, but you need more than that to succeed. Website success can be derived from constructing a design that is easily accessible, promotes fun, gives the right message to your customers and helps them stay in touch with your business.

Hence, make sure to understand the exact purpose as to why you want to build a site, thereby ensuring that each page of your site fulfills your users needs in the best possible way around.

  1. Typography

Typography has become a critical component of web design. Unfortunately, still lot of budding designers often neglect using the right fonts in the design as they think of it as a separate branch of design. That’s a wrong notion! Typography is also a branch of web design and in fact, it is 95% of design.

Have you ever imagined checking out a website, or reading some write-up online devoid of text? Bear in mind, the choice of typeface puts an impact on how the text in your site is being read by the visitors. Let’s take an example, see the image shown below you’ll see two write-ups. Check out which one is more readable. Clearly, the write-up on the left is clear and easily readable. However, the write-up on the right side might seems discomforting to the eye.

Consistency, hierarchy and alignment are the key elements of typography that ensures to keep the look of your web design simple yet effective to the viewer’s eye.

  1. Colors

Considering the right colors can act as a surefire way to enhance user experience. Using right colors for the text and for your design background creates a balance, making it easy for the visitor to read easily. But you need to have basic understanding of what colors might suit your web design and what doesn’t. Well, the color scheme that you’ll pick for your design need to arouse the right kind of emotion in your site visitors.

For example, look at the below image you can see that the web design has a color scheme style that mainly comprises of tints and shades of a single color – black and white. The black and white color scheme normally is preferred to display something professional and chic. This color scheme wouldn’t go well in case you wish to build a site to promote your e-store; as most of the ecommerce store needs to have a bright color scheme that entices customers to make them buy something.

Put simply, using the right colors in your web design demands understanding which colors fit well with your website development project.

  1. Images

You must have heard of the common phrase – “pictures speak a thousands words”. Picking the right images for your site plays a significant role in connecting your online business to a greater number of customers. Well, there are many people out there termed as visual learners, who prefer on looking images rather than going through the content placed on your site.

Example, look at the picture below, a lot of businesses usually put up this image to represent their business. Don’t do that in case you’re not offering any strategic services to your clients! Simply put, it’s important to use an image that has a purpose to it.

You can even consider using videos and some graphics images as these prove to be much more effective while you’re communicating with customers, compared to even some well-written text.

  1. Navigation

Website navigation is one aspect that can’t be overlooked, if you want your web design to be effective. Navigation is how someone moves from one page to the other around your site. Besides, search engines can rank your site’s web pages simultaneously. This means that users can access your website from your site’s inner pages than your home page. And without proper navigation structure, your site visitors could get stuck to a page and might not be able to explore your site any further.

In order to ensure effective navigation your web design must incorporate elements such as well-structured page hierarchy, breadcrumbs, action buttons, and so on.


Undoubtedly, a good web design is not just restricted to the above discussed key principles. However, going through the aforementioned key aspects will surely help you get your feet right in the direction towards building a compelling web design.

[author title=”Guest Post “] Samuel Dawson is working as Senior Front End Manager in Designs2html Ltd where he has gained a effective practical exposure of converting PSD to HTML files. The above content written with [/author]

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