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6 Alternative of Adobe Dreamweaver for Code

Without contest, Adobe Dreamweaver indeed is a very proficient code editor tool in developing and customizing websites because of features that helps programmers and developers see errors as they type codes, or design site layouts with ease. However, because the said software is created by a famous brand, purchasing such program costs a hefty amount, something that makes some programmers awry.

Because of this concern, many developers are opting for other choices that provide almost the same functionality without a fraction of the cost, such as a text editor. They can still develop websites with codes, design site layouts with simplicity, and still utilize other features that may or may not be available with premium software. Some are just overwhelmed by the fact that a program that’s used seldom would cost them over $399, when they could use something that’s open source for a programming editor. There may be 6 alternative of Adobe Dreamweaver for code, but are they up to meet critical developer standards?

1. Sublime Text


Sublime Text is considered a sophisticated code editor because of features that makes even the lengthiest of projects easy to manage, thanks to its advanced “Goto Anything” that can make programmers go to different lines by just typing partial string statements. Other features such as multiple selection, split editing, and distraction free mode make this free program absolutely worth your time.

2. TopStyle5


For those who are more adept with CSS3 and HTML5, TopStyle5 is the perfect programming editor for the critical and insightful website developer. Features such as Insight and Inspector makes sure that programmers can easily correct wrongly constructed codes, complete left behind instances, and categories attributes, properties, and elements. It works just like Dreamweaver, which explains why it costs $79.95.

3. Chocolat


A text editor that’s developed for Mac OS X users, Chocolat uses Cocoa combined with the powers of text editing tools that can be at par with what Dreamweaver is providing. It also has features like split editing for different instance updating at different locations, code completion for those who like to finish things fast, and even web preview to know how the project looks. For $49, you also get other perks like Project Find, Vim Mode, Folding, Documentation, and so much more.

4. Aptana


For programmers that are looking for more language options such as JavaScript, Rails, Ruby, PHP, and Python, the Aptana Studio 3 is the answer for covering programming needs. It’s a code editor that utilizes the power of the cloud, all thanks to Appcelerator, that makes real-time programming easy with over 1.5 million users to work with. Despite of claiming it’s the most powerful IDE out there, it only asks for contribution in development funding where the software’s all free for download.

5. Komodo IDE


Containing program libraries like Pythone, Ruby, Rails, Perl, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Komodo IDE is a text editor that offers easy coding with speed and performance to boot. It works on various operating systems like Windows, Mac, and even in Ubuntu, all catering professional programmers from various spheres. However, because of its powerful features that can compete with Dreamweaver, obtaining a license starts at $295… ouch!

6. Eclipse


When you visit Eclipse, you could see a whole arsenal of programs for the empowered developer. But if you are in for the serious programming editor stuff, then checking out Eclipse Code Recommenders would fill you in. It’s got Code Completion, Bugs Detector, Codesearch, and Stacktraces, keeping you loaded while your pocket remains filled.

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  1. May be, you missed Bracket Sprint from Adobe Inc as a tool for front-end developers. It has surprisingly attracted the developers for its usability and Live-editing support.

  2. Netbeans, IntelliJ, (maybe even MonoDevelop) is going to be unhappy with you for including eclipse but not them! And that’s just the start. There are so many options out there, Adobe does well to even rate a mention against all the wonderful open source stuff.

    Even cheap stuff like Office are certainly in the race too I guess if you don’t want to do too much.

    What about all the template type stuff, you can work miracles with just a wordpress install and some editing. Maybe that’s pushing it a bit…

  3. Komodo Edit (not IDE) is free. As others have suggested, there are numerous other options. This list is a good start, but could usefully be expanded.

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