6 Limited Offer Deals That You Just Cannot Miss Out On

If deals make you as happy as a child in a candy shop then you’d love our deals for today.

With our best training materials and resources available at eye-popping discounts, we are convinced our designer and developer friends would have a field day.

35 Quality HTML Themes by TeslaThemes

35 Quality HTML Themes by TeslaThemes

Whether you are just setting foot in the door and need an impressive portfolio done in a budget or you went from overlooked to overbooked, this bundle of 35 HTML themes would soon become your Holy Grail.

There’s no need to rake your brains with the basic designing and coding, you can get your client’s websites up on the web within a startlingly short time. But doing it fast doesn’t compromise on the quality of work because each theme has been meticulously done featuring a horde of functions and a responsive layout.

Spanning different niches, you would be easily able to cater to a large number of clients no matter what industry-specific their website needs to be. From themes for a hotel based website to one for magazines, you can use the theme without any edits and wow your clients. Or you can use your creativity to give it your own twist.

And for a limited time only you can save 95% on the actual price!

Get this deal here.

CSS Coding Made Easy

CSS Coding Made Easy

Become a pro at CSS coding by getting knowledge that matters. The eBook aims at separating the wheat from the chaff by providing jargon-less information.

Get all the important CSS knowledge you need- right from using the flexbox module to making cross-site changes with one-line codes to cheat sheets. Plus know what the experts are saying in the 8 video interviews where the likes of Chris Coyier share valuable inputs.

This eBook deal is going to expire on 13th June 2015, so please hurry up and get this awesome guide now.

Get this deal here.

Design a Website with Open Source CMS

Want to learn how to work with open source CMS but don’t have the time to sign up for any training? With the OSTraining pack you get 2692 training session on everything from Joomla, Drupal, Coding, to Marketing and SEO.

Over 2600+ videos and books, 16 eBooks, 1500+ tutorials and expert guidance, you can proceed from beginner to experts within a short time and get more clients.

Invest in expert built content that has a practical approach and expansive topics to give you a head start in your career without you having to give up on your current job.

Get this deal here.

Build Mobile Apps with this Complete Programming Bundle

With mobile app downloads to reach 268,692 million by the year 2017, there is a huge scope for app developers to recreate the magic of Angry Birds.

Learn the ins and outs with this programming bundle with extensive knowledge on how to build apps for both iOS and Android markets. There are 58 lectures spanning more than 8 hours of video material and lifetime access, the training gives you an edge over your peers.

Get this deal here.

Learn how to build a WordPress website and market it

Have a startup or your own blog? Take it to the next level by building a WordPress website for maximum visibility and high converting website traffic.

The course covers everything from building a WordPress website from scratch to managing and marketing it. From basic to integrating plugins and e-mail marketing- a must-have for anyone who want to save on getting a website done by professionals who charge ten times the price.

Get this deal here.

70 Free Vector Icons for Touch Screen Gestures

70 Free Vector Icons for Touch Screen Gestures

Demonstrating how your app would work or need gesture icons for better communications? This set of 70 vector icons of touch screen gestures are self-explanatory and would save oodles of space.

Get this deal for free by downloading this in a few clicks and using it instantly for both personal and commercial purposes.

Get this deal here.

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