8 Best Mobile Applications for Designers and Developers

By nature, designers and developers can be some of the most discerning mobile users. In order to find their way into these professionals’ pockets, mobile apps must be functional, smartly designed and usable anywhere in the world. These eight apps will keep designers and developers productive and inspired.

Grand St.

A curated marketplace for cutting-edge gadgets, this app is perfect for creative professionals. Grand St. features well-designed, carefully tested and unique gadgets from small, independent producers. Product descriptions include standard specs, along with design features and functionality details. Find everything from cool lights to tiny wallets to mini robots, all handpicked by designers. Grand St. is exclusive to Android, making it is the perfect app to browse on your Android tablet.

Many people go for the Samsung Galaxy Note or Tab S, but there are several Android tablets overlooked in the midst of the hype. Take for example the Nexus 9 tablets, which offers several of the same features for a fraction of the price. Do some research before purchasing a tablet, and make sure to get one that allows you to download all your favorite apps.

google nexus 9



Choosing the right font for the job is key in design, and developers are known for being particular about fonts. Fontest helps professionals preview how fonts will be rendered on Android devices, making it great for Android developers and fans. The app comes with six basic fonts, and designers can add their own fonts for testing. Font resizing and case changes are easy in Fontest, so users can quickly ensure that their text looks clean, legible and just right.


One of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram’s focus on image appeals directly to designers. Users can take, edit and share photos from anywhere in the world. Basic users might be tempted by the app’s preset filters, which add fun colors and focus effects to photos. Designers, however, can edit photos exactly to their liking, using saturation, brightness, sharpness and many more editing features. Upload photos, add a location tag and include clever hashtags in order to maximize sharing and interaction capabilities.


For tracking a variety of notes in a range of media, Evernote can’t be beat. This app supports text, images, videos, lists and even handwriting. Even better, all notes are searchable within Evernote, which means keeping track of your ideas is easier than ever. The app even syncs across devices, so a project started on your Android phone can seamlessly be completed on your tablet. Hash out ideas, draft agendas and keep track of project expenses on this handy app. Even collaboration with other designers and developers is easy with the app’s shared notebooks.



Dropbox is a must for any digital professional. Store files of any size or type with this handy storage provider. Install the app, and easily access your files from any Android phone, tablet or other device. Even better, Dropbox also allows file editing directly in the app. The app allows sharing of individual files and entire folders, making, collaborating with colleagues and clients simple, too.

Harvest Time Tracker

For designers and developers, time is of the essence. Make sure you don’t miss a single expense or billable minute with Harvest Time Tracker. The app features timesheets that effortlessly track time spent on a project. Use the built-in timers to track real-time progress, or enter time manually for total accuracy. Timesheets can even be shared among team members. Harvest Time Tracker makes tracking expenses easy, too, from mileage to reimbursable to labor. Take the app to the next level by using it on the web for invoicing and reporting.

SyncSpace Shared Whiteboard

If your development team is scattered throughout the country or over the world, this app will bring everyone together. SyncSpace Shared Whiteboard provides a space for drawing and notes that are shared in real time. Workout ideas, develop projects and throw around new concepts on this simply designed virtual whiteboard. Collaborate with your team in real time, no matter where they’re located, and make sure everyone is on the same page by emailing them a PDF of the complete whiteboard.

Circa News

To stay at the top of their game, designers and developers have to keep up on the news. Circa News offers a beautifully designed way to do just that. For just the headlines, read the Daily Brief. To scan only the topics of utmost interest, customize the app’s main screen. Easily follow breaking news stories and flip through the latest on this cleanly designed app.

Staying organized isn’t always easy for busy designers and developers. These well-designed and productivity-focused mobile apps will help keep everything in order while also inspiring new ideas and collaborations.

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