8 Stunning jQuery HTML5 Form Plugins worth a download

Form is considered as a vital component of every website that needs to keep visitors engaged for a longer duration of time.

Without equipping your web pages with easy-to-fill-in forms, you may lose your chance of grabbing the attention of targeted users.  With HTML5 being the new generation of web development platforms, you can use it in collaboration with action script jQuery for building eye-catchy yet fully-functional forms. Whether you’re intending to build an impressive contact form, a pop-up form or a jQuery QuickSign form; HTML5 coupled with jQuery renders you the flexibility of developing a final product that meets and even exceeds your expectations. The only thing that needs to be considered here is choosing the right jQuery HTML5 Form plugin that will enable you to produce the underlying functionality of the form. With the right plugin, you can render sliding effect to the form in addition to navigating to the targeted web page using the navigation buttons.

In this blog, you’ll find an in-depth information about 8 finest jQuery HTML5 form plugins that are creating a wave in the world of best plugins. So, let’s get started and take a closer look at these awesome plugins that make form building an absolute fun activity.

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Form Plugin No.1- Impressive Contact Form

Contact form

Impressive Contact Form is a perfect plugin for websites belonging to corporate houses. With this plugin, you can easily manage/read and send messages via the classic mail version or the DB version. The latter version includes a variety of functions available for the contact form. For example, you can distribute the messages in the form of a conversation. The best part of Impressive Contact Form plugin is that it works perfectly in any web browser.

Form Plugin No.2-HTML5 Ajax jQuery Pop-up Contact Form


HTML5 Ajax jQuery Pop-up Contact form is a plugin that allows you to insert an eye-appealing contact form into your website. Some of the best features included within this plugin are: flexibility to receive emails from users, display of social network links, display of your address and contact information, flexibility to view the photo gallery, video and interactive Google Map. HTML5 Ajax jQuery pop-up form is available in 4 different skins including blue skin, red skin, pink skin and green skin.

Form Plugin No.3- Flux


Flux is aLogin & Register form with jQuery validation. This clean, fast and easy-to-customize form plugin comes with an elegant design. It can be easily integrated in any type of website/page within a few minutes. One of the greatest advantages of Flux is that it’s compatible with all the major web browsers including Safari, IE 10, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera. Impressive features of Flux include: valid HTML5 & CSS3 codes, jQuery validation, social buttons, animated jQuery labels, customizable inputs and buttons, email format validation and many more.

Form Plugin No.4- Mapped Contact Form Pro


Mapped Contact Form Pro is an ajax contact form placed inside a Google Maps marker info window. With this plugin, you can configure different email addresses for different locations. On the contrary, if there’s only one location on the Google map then the info window with the contact form will open once the map is being loaded.

Form Plugin No.5-Reformed


Reformed is a themeable form builder HTML5 app that lets you build robust, visually impressive web forms. All forms built using the reformed plugin can be easily styled using the jQuery UI Themeroller tool. The in-built client-side validation can be easily applied to any form element via the point-and-click interface.

Form Plugin No.6-Register 5!

Register 5

Register5! is an HTML5 register form that implements Geolocation, SVG canvas drawing, HTML5 syntax, local storage, CSS3 properties, Font-face, Gradients, Text shadows, Box Shadows, Rounded Corners and Box Rotations. Created with a special emphasis on the latest HTML5 and CSS3 web technologies, Register5! was designed with completely imageless graphics. Affordably-priced at $6, Register5! has been purchased by 393 users till date. Moreover, it has received a rating of 4.5/5.0  based on feedback received from 48 users. Compatible with Safari and Opera, Register5! includes files viz: HTML, JavaScript JS, CSS and Layered PNG.

Form Plugin No.7-HTML5 jQuery Multi-step form


HTML5 jQuery is a multi-step form plugin that allows you to have a form comprising of several steps.The CSS3 designed form built using this plugin renders you the flexibility of setting up complex forms within a limited space. Additionally, you’d also be able to go back to the previous steps for modifying any information regarding the multi-step form.

Form Plugin No.8- Query QuickSign


Query QuickSign is yet another brilliant HTML5 Signing plugin that allows you to have a Quicksign form in a .png format.Compatible with a majority of web browsers such as IE9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari, Query QuickSign comes equipped with unlimited signing elements. One of the greatest advantages of using Query QuickSign plugin is that you can easily customize the form’s background image, pen color and pen type as per your specific preferences.

Wrapping Up

So those were the 8 outstanding jQuery HTML5 form plugins, which if downloaded and installed on your website can allow you to have the best quality form(s). With perfect forms, your site can get successful in gathering a massive web traffic, thereby standing out from the crowd.

Author Bio – Jack Calder loves blogging and is one of the best PSD to WordPress certified developer by profession. He is always keen on sharing information related to latest internet trends. Currently, he is serving at Markupcloud Ltd., a reputed name in the website markup conversion services domain.

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