10 Excellent Alternative to Google Analytics

Google Analytics, definitely one of the most powerful and a suitable way to keep a track of your website’s important facts. It doesn’t matter if you it is a blogger or a CEO, anyone and everyone can benefit from Google Analytics. The major focus of this software us to help website owners in keeping a track of various sort of information related to website such as the location of the visitor, their area of interest within the website and a lot more. This information can come in really handy for the website owners as they can analyze things and implement changes accordingly in order to ensure visitors’ do come back.

Alternative to Google Analytics

Why select an alternative to Google Analytics?

Although Google Analytics is great yet people have to look for alternatives. Well, there are a few reasons behind this decision.

– Data Limits:

If you have a free account, you will have a limit of 10 million hits per month. For a premium Google Analytics account, you get 1 billion hits per month. So, limitations are there.

– Premium service pricing:

You will have to pay $150,000 and most of the people consider it to be expensive. Of course, you can find cheaper alternatives.

Data Collection and Delayed reporting system:

Since the data is real time, Google analytics will make you wait for 24 hours is you are a standard user and 4 hours in case of being a premium user for your data.

UI and Language:

You will have to be way too techie in order to understand the interface. In case you are not, well time to find an alternate.

Available Alternative Analytics Softwares:

If you find Google Analytics to be complex or expensive, you can always look for alternatives offering almost the same services. Let us take a look at those softwares: 10 Excellent Alternative to Google Analytics



Well, this software provides almost the same feature as Google Analytics and added on to this, it offers additional features as well. Some of the great features are snoop – as desktop program. It allows you to receive notifications of all the activities on your site. It also provides real time page analysis. It also shows the location of your visitors. Along with all of this, it allows faster loading with the help of CDN code, referral tracking and a lot more.



This alternative is a lot a little bit expensive as it provides you with much more details. It offers you a 14 day free trial, and after that you will have to pay $150/month, initially, you will get 500,000 events, which means 500,000 actions taken during a visitor’s visit. Following are a few features:

  • Unlimited funnel
  • Cohort
  • Retention reports
  • Technical features include:
  • Unlimited A/B Split Tests
  • Real time data debugger
  • Multi and cross platform
  • Data export

This software allows you with almost everything that you need.



This is for all those who are looking for more facilities and cannot afford expensive softwares. You get a free trial, and later on you will have to pay only $20 which allots you with 100,000 requests, email support and a lot more. You will also get basic analytics in order to understand the whole picture.



This is one of the simple alternatives as setting it up is easy and along with this report generation is a lot easier. You will only have to pay $30 fee per site for licensing so no annual or monthly fees. Features are pretty much same as Google analytics. You get unique viewers, returning viewers, referral website, page view, information, filtering base on search terms and a lot more.

Open Web Analytics


This is an open source alternate and it looks like Google analytics. The best thing is that the service is absolutely free with no logging limits. With this you can track site usage statistics, events, and conversion statistics



This is definitely easy to use software and you can get additional features after paying their prices. As far as free account is concerned, you get features like search, referral tracking and a lot more. There is a list of some premium features and it includes uptime monitorin, heatmaps, etc. Packages are available on different prices.



This is again great software as it provides analytics along with management services. Business owners are keen to turn towards people management as it is indeed a perfect way to build your loyal customer base. This software provides you with data segmentation process and it is considered to be one of the finest features of this software.



This is one of the most convenient Google analytics alternatives as you take it as you go. No contracts or agreements are required. This software shows real time stats to website owners so they can plan accordingly. As an owner, you get a 30 day free trial and will get every minute detail about user’s activity. After free month trial, you will pay $9.95 and enjoy the premium services.

Adobe Web Analytics


This software will allow owners to keep a check on their marketing plan. Additional features include tag management, social media integration, and a lot more.



It will allow you to see your site through your visitor’s eye. During free trial, you get 100 sessions for viewing your website through your users’ perspective. Free plan also includes Eye-tracking heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, Mouse-click heatmaps, and advanced dynamic site compatibility.

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