10 Best Android Fast App Switching

Android has one of the most widely used apps being used to date in the mobile world. When you use these applications often, you will be able to understand and value its shortcuts. Google also plays a big role in this, since it has thousands of apps to be used. It comes with innovative apps which can be customize to become more productive. You can also be able to download games, movies, new books and share anything. It comes with new camera experience and new form of typing which helps the user to power through messages. The latest android application has introduce faster means to access settings which are on the screen. It has enables users to switch between apps very easily and fast. We have collected 10 Best Android Fast App Switching. If you knew anything else, share with us!


This is the first dock task manager for all android platforms. When it is install with the list version you can access most of the different settings. The users can access all of your running task from anywhere you are currently in with your phones. It can be activated from the side of the screen to get shortcuts, apps list and contacts.


Notification Toggle

You can change how your notification functions with the Notification Toggle that makes it possible for you to quickly access and switch capabilities in your phone such as Bluetooth, WiFi, volume, brightness, and auto-rotation. You can prompt as to what toggle switches can be accessible, and you can also sort it in the order you are comfortable with. What’s more is that you can also change the colors of the notification bar, and even create your own shortcuts in the bar, rather than on the desktop screen.



Swapps is everywhere and therefore when you listen to music or watch a movie you can always swipe and switch to another app. The notification icon can be made transparent on the screen or disabled in the settings. With swapps you can customize the swipe and allows you to mark special apps to keep them at the top of the screen.



With HomeFlip the user of android is able list recent and favorite apps. Swiping gestures can be easily used to activate it. You can find yourself to switching between the same applications at the same time. You push button of the menu or button of the on-screen on the right to see the settings and required solutions. While you can always push the home button to return to the original launcher.



Even if you are in the middle of watching a video or playing a game, the SwipePad makes it possible for you to launch different apps without pressing the home button or exiting your active app. In fact, with just a simple swipe within any app, you can choose the apps you wanted to access, all done fast and simple. What’s even better is that you get to be this flexible without consuming too much RAM space off your phone.


Pie Control

It is mostly available online and everyone who is using or not using ROM’s can access it. It’s incredibly handy for toggles as you can always turn data on or off. You do not need to root this powerful app in order to use it. It is a beautiful app which has its pie area at the bottom of the screen.


Smart Task Switcher

To destroy or delete an app on your phone is easy just by using this app. It is a multiple-tasks switcher and it lets immediate switch between recently used and favorite apps. You can now utilize a small movable floating icon process to supersede long press key of the home button. It is an easy and undemanding task executioner.


1Tap QuickBar

The 1Tap Quickbar can customize the quick bar by means of changing its colors in order to suit the overall theme. And not just the colors, but also the font in the text box, which makes it pretty personalized for the user. Also, the said tool makes it possible for common tasks to be done faster and easier. Other things that the 1Tap is capable of doing are creating attractive notification bars with it and you can also remove them as simple as you have quickly made them.


Smart Taskbar

The Smart Taskbar does what its name implies. It becomes smart by launching applications almost instantly through its mini side bar that makes this app fast for multi-app users. This means that you can go through different applications by just using your one hand, thus lessening your effort. The icons can also be organized to make app launching easier.



It can be position to the bottom of an application window and it is very customizableoverlap for the screen. With just a swipe it is able to bring out various android settings. It also bring up favorite apps on the left of your screen. It is well known for its minimized effect on the battery life of phones. Is loved and used by most people since it consumes only a small part of RAM usage. It’s a brilliant way to multitask on android phones.


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