Beautiful Photoshop Photo Tutorials to Improve ReTouch

It is common knowledge that taking the prefect picture is pretty much next to impossible. While some pictures may look extraordinary even without re-touching, there are pictures that you absolutely have to edit for several reasons which are not necessary to discuss here. We are sure you would know them if you are into photography and more specifically, Photoshop. The concept or re-touching has increased tremendously especially with the rise of the fantastic software by Adobe called Photoshop. Using that particular software, one can do anything imaginable, literally.

If you are into photography, image editing or photo re-touching, you are always looking for tutorials in order to help you increase and nourish your skills. For that purpose, you find yourself spending hours on the internet to learn that perfect re-touching technique. We took the liberty to save you some time and gather together some of the most amazing re-touching tutorials. This particular article discusses Beautiful Photoshop Photo Tutorials to Improve ReTouch. We believe these tutorials will help you get started with some really amazing techniques. They will work even if you are a beginner. So let us know what you think about these and as always, your comments and opinions are welcome.

How to Slim a Face in Photoshop


How to Add Realistic Falling Snow to a Photo in Photoshop

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-21

How to Restore a Heavily Damaged Photo With Photoshop

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-22

How to Apply a Plastic Mask Effect to a Portrait

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-23

Create Light Leaks and Lomo Effects Using Actions in Photoshop

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-24

Realistic Makeup Application in Photoshop

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-25

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-26

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-27

Really Cool Digital Make Up in Photoshop in 10 Minutes

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-1

Airbrushing – Natural Smooth Skin

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-2

How to Smooth Skin in Photoshop

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-3

Smooth Skin

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-4

Ultimate Makeup

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-5

Remove Freckles

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-6

Freckle Removal

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-7

Making Freckles Pop in Photoshop

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-8

Beautify a Face

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-9

Smooth Skin

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-10

Super Fast and Easy Facial Retouching

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-11

Smooth Skin

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-12

Reducing 5 O’Clock Shadow and Beard Stubble in Photoshop

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-13

Easily Smooth and Soften Skin in a Photo

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-14

Quick and Effective Facial Photo Retouching

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-15

Enhance Skin

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-16

Remove a Tan Line

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-17

Realistic Makeup Application in Photoshop

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-18

Adding a Tan Digitally in Photoshop

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-19

Minimizing Red Blotches on the Skin

Photoshop Photo Tutorials-20

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