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12 Best HTML5 Frameworks for Web Development

HTML5 framework is a hike language which is used to structure as well as present the content for word wide web (www). It also present in a wide number of core technology for the internet. The presences of core elements have been used to improve language with support from multimedia. The improved language is easily readable by people as well as the computers and other devices. Many features have been built with intention of being able to run on a low battery smartphones, tablets and other devices. Below are 12 Best HTML5 Frameworks for Web Development.

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G5 Framework  

It provides the basic codes and some functionality for you to work with, and as for the development and styling up is left for you the developer. Its main objective is to increase speed of development and maintain the code quality, promoting standard and good principles as well as consistency. It provides a solid start point for web project.


52 Framework

It is built to specifically utilize HTML5 and CS53 in a cross-browser in a standard-compliant manner. The framework helps you out by setting up a number of most common elements with bonus custom button design. It is linked with JavaScript file which allow you to use a lot of the goodness of HTML5.


Generators reformed

It is a free online form builder and is powered by HTML5. It allows you to easily and quickly generate robust. It has a validation of that are themeable using jQuery UI Themeroller tool. It helps you create HTML forms for your website, blogs and much more online software. With Generators reformed you do not require database since it uses local Strorage to store information.


HTML5 Boilerplate

It helps you to able to build fast and adaptable website application and sites. With apache settings helps you to deliver excellent site performance. It independently maintain server configuration, and from its professional end it is template for building fast adaptable web site and robust for you. It helps you to get started with new project.



It is here to generate the development of your projects. It gives templates which are based on the HTML5 boilerplate that allows you to choose which parts you may want or don’t want. Instead of a black page it contains a responsive template to start from basic design. It generates a clean customized template which allows you to design how need your web, apps to look like. It is very intuitive and that’s why it comes in different languages for you to choose the one you understand better.


Kendo UI

It is one in a kind and it has want any professional developers may require to build HTML5 sites or mobile apps. It is rich in jQuery based widgets with a simple and consistent programming. Themes in it are easily customizable to fit widgets to your templates, web application and others. You can build a native-like mobiles apps without any extra coding on you android, iPhone or blackberry phone.



This framework supports HTML5, JavaScript and CS53 which are the standard web to bring out consistency. It is a kind which is mostly used by developers to share, design and build apps on various devices. You can now have complete control of everything that happens in your applications with robust API. This also allows and enables quick design of apps on different modes of phones including blackberry, android and others.


WordPress H5

It is built with semantically fully valid HTML5 which is well formatted with enough CSS to be able to target key elements. For easy customization it is built with minimal mark up and styles. It contains features which is full of theme template files and folders.

wordpress h5


This is one app that is seo optimized which makes it attractive especially to people who want to use the app for business. Optimization is really important in today’s online world. Reverie is easy to create and use with great features and layouts. WordPress experience is made better and fun.



This is an cooperate media that is created by Mozilla and as we know Mozilla is one of the best companies out there and this makes popcorn.js one app to look out for. It allows users to interact or connect with others. Popcorn.js has group discussions and forums that developers and users can connect and discuss. It also supports vimeo versions and YouTube which makes the experience even better for film makers who are known to use this app.



This is a valuable app for any devices that have HTML 5 widget. JoApp is one application that helps give a great experience like a indigenous feel especially since the HTML 5 is found in a solitary sheet.  It allows users to customize their apps using the CSS, customizing an app is one variable attribute as it provides users and developers with exactly what they want.


Montage – HTML 5 Framework

This is a great and innovative app for any developer whether they are using it in mobile devices, tablets or in the web. This is one app that gets the job done. It is easy to use and unique to use compared to offer frameworks. It uses a node that permits to users to use the java script. It also uses the ninja technique that has proven to be very effective and allows for playbacks and a drag and drop attributes. This makes the experience a lot fun.

montage html5 framework


Despite of vast selections of frameworks, they are not made for the laidback website builder. Hence, if you want other designs and free yourself from the tiresome process of web designing and development, you could check out tools online that offer free HTML codes where expertise of a geek is not required.

Introducing the New Wix HTML5 Website Builder


This is not a typical flash builder from Wix, but this is the freshest and pristine HTML 5 Website builder which is available online without spending bucks of money since it’s free. The design feature is valid where it has the drag-and-drop editor feature that allows you to show your creative juices. It is easy to learn along with its graphics, animations and widgets that aid you to appreciate the HTML 5 designing process. You could start developing and designing your own site out of scratch where you could add slideshows, HTML 5 audio, and even video. It’s an effortless way of hand-coding with no extensive knowledge requirements.

Wix new website builder was released on March 08 that is available to front-end web designers in any parts of the world. With the drag-and-drop integration package you could enjoy and witness the kind of site that has all elements like sliders, animations, audio & video support, and even galleries. It can also be integrated in Facebook pages, and in mobile browsing.

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  1. Hello Realy you posted nice post it used for me all frameworks are most useful for web development and thanks for post this…. i just found this type of frameworks and by your post i got this frameworks..

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