12 Best Presentation Tools

The world has evolved and so is the method of presentation to. People are no longer using the old method of posters; instead they are using online tools which are now easily accessible to their audience. The main objective of a given presentation is to provide new information to the people either in schools, seminars organizations meetings and many others. There are different types of audience which come from different innumerable flavors. Therefore for an effective method of passing information one should come up with an instant gratification which is directly from the internet. To make your presentations entertaining and at the same time educational you should consider the best presentation tools below.

1. SlideRocket

It is an online presentation which allows you to engage with people and be able to deliver results. It helps you to come up with a presentation that will wow your audience. It gives you the power to the internet and you can also integrate with the public from free web resources like the You Tube or flicker. This online software allows you to create and share your work publically or privately.


2. Prezentit

It is like a community where you can create and show your presentation. You can work alone or with others while it allows you to make it private or public. With Prezentit your works are always available, anytime and anywhere for viewing or edit. It is an online software and it is based on the JavaScript allowing real time collaboration.


3. Author Stream

It enables presenters to share PowerPoint either publically or privately. It is the best tool for marketing purposes and it is also an easy process to make videos from online PowerPoint presentations. This app is all about viewing and sharing PowerPoint presentations either with friends, family, or the public.


4. Empressr

It is the best original app with based rich media. And now you can share information the way you prefer and it allows you to make it public or private. It is built with tools which record either videos or audio which is added to the slides.


5. Google Docs

It allows the users to access your documents anytime and anywhere easily. It is a web-based office suite which is offered by Google within its Google drive services. The user is allowed to collaborate with coworkers in real time on different aspects including spreadsheets, documents, presentation and many others.

google docs

6. VCasmo

This is the best solution for the multimedia presentations for videos and photos. It is the easy and yet very powerful platform for your work. It works and supports playback for the computer browser, mobile phone, and iPad. It allows you to upload PDF, MP3, images and many more. You can download presentation as videos or even auto-upload to YouTube.


7. Zoho

It is an online software which manage your sales, market your products and offer customer support. Therefore it allows the user to focus on the business and leave the rest to the app. It has a wide function for storing and sharing of information which also allows you to collaborate with others.


8. Prezi

This is a tool that makes sure that you have organized and even share your ideas and knowledge. It opens up a whole wide world between slides and the whiteboards. It does not leave you at just brainstorming but to the moment of presenting your ideas and seeing them becoming reality.


9. Slideshare

It is the biggest tool for sharing presentation in the world. You can share PowerPoint, PDF or documents either privately or publically. You can as well delete existing file with very easy step which take a few seconds. To upload portfolios, resume, and others has been made really simple.


10. Mindflash

With Mindflash you are able to manage your online courses. It provides a good web for companies to easily share information and also train employees. It allows easy and quick conversion word documents, PDF or PowerPoint into web-based.


11. Slidebank

It has made to make educational presentation simpler and easily understood by the audience. The software makes PowerPoint presentations to be flexible and increase its speed to response. It creates a new and faster drag-and-drop slide which allows you to manage your presentation. It allows you to share information in public or privately maximizing availability of information to the intended audience.


12. IPresent

It is software based in the JavaScript and it comprises of a variety of features including the video and audio. They make presentation to be fun with slides. It is a good dynamic interactive sales app for iPad and other brand of mobile phones. It is easy to use and allows anyone to create and manage their presentation online. It engages multimedia presentations which are very effective to the audience.


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