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35 Must Have Bootstrap Tools and Generators

With every passing day, we see a lot of new websites being introduced to the online world and this is exactly why competition is getting tougher. If you want to promote your products successfully, you must fight for it because online visitors have a vast variety to select from. Well the good thing is that a lot of tools are being introduced and used by web owners and this obviously makes the competition a healthy one. At the end of the day, your goal should be to earn profit and obviously develop a long-term stability so that your business can flourish more.

If you are developer, you must be aware of the bootstrap. If you introduce it to your website, your website’s popularity will get a boost for sure. Why? Because Bootstrap has a responsive framework which is way too important in keeping sites transparent.

Bootstrap tools and generators have a lot of benefits and they can surely help any developer a lot. Add-ons, pre-styled components of library and a lot other features are a highlight for Bootstrap. Therefore, if you are looking for small and big stuff to make your website look awesome, you should the Bootstrap tools and generators. Today, we will be discussing some of the best bootstrap tools and generators for web developers. Most of these tools are designed according to the professional demands.

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If you think that bootstrap templates are not enough for you, you should go with bootstraptor. You will have a wide range to select from, which automatically gives you a lot of interesting things to work with.

1. Bootstraptor

Brag Themes

Looking for some new themes? Well, Brag Themes is the best option for you if you are looking to give your websites a whole new look. Brag Themes has a lot of features and the themes will are a lot different from the regular bootstrap themes.

2. Brag Themes


I would call Bootply a playground for programmers where they can experiment with different things while using bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. This will help you in checking your website’s compatibility with various mobile devices and desktops.

3. Bootply

Bootstrap CDN

A programmer who is looking for ways to load their websites a lot faster, well Bootstrap CDN is perfect for them.

4. Bootstrap CDN

Bootstrap Prompts

As the name suggests, it will help you in replacing notification alerts along with modal information, with the help of Bootstrap application.

5. Bootstrap Prompts

Pines Notify

Pined Notify is basically to build a notification plugin of Javascript which is easy, malleable and implementable.

6. Pines Notify


prettyCheckable replaces inputs of radio and other checkboxes in order to provide them with better positions.


Bootstrap Tags

Bootstrap Tags is basically a jQuery Plugin and it helps in extending Userinterface of Bootstrap. It also allows tagging, autosuggests, exclusions, placeholder prompts, filters, and popovers.


jQuery File Upload

Since it is a jQuery file upload, it provides users with a platform having multiple options at the same time. You will have preview images, progress bars, and drag & drop feature. It also helps you in backing up resized images, resume process of file uploads and a lot more.

9. jQuery File Upload

jQuery Simple Color Picker

Indeed a simple and easy to use plugin. It basically provides you with a list of colors allowing you to select multiple ones. The best part is, it actually complements Bootstrap.

10. jQuery Simple Color Picker

Bootstrap wysihtml5

It is basically based in plugin of Javascript and it permits web developers to construct beautiful yet simple wysiwyg editors.

11. Bootstrap wysihtml5

Bootpag – Dynamic Pagination

Are you looking to create a pagination or HTML page in a vigorous set-up? Bootpag – dynamic pagination is the plugin for you.

12. Bootpag  Dynamic Pagination

Bootstrap Modal

Bootsrap Modal is basically an extension of original bootstrap modals and its added feature has a modal manager which helps in handling multiple modals.

13. Bootstrap Modal


Creation of programmatic dialog boxes just got easier. Bootbox.js is basically a small library, which helps in manaing, creating and removing event handlers of JS and of course rest of the DOM elements.

14. Bootboxjs

Datepicker for Bootstrap

This will help you in cleansing fields, elements and will help you with all sorts of formatting. It also cleanses component and separators.

15. Datepicker for Bootstrap

Bootstrap Video Player

This is an easy way to create a progress bar. You must have seen the progress bars where red bar represents danger/incompletion of something and green bar represents success and of course the orange one displays a warning. So, for all such messages Bootstrap Video Player is for you.

16. Bootstrap Video Player

Hover Dropdown

I won’t say this to be an official bootstrap plugin however; it does activate hover via bootstrap dropdowns.

17. Hover Dropdown

jQuery Form Validation with Styles

This tool has been established to help users while they are waiting for quick feedback. This tool has been built via jQuerya validation plugin.

18. jQuery Form Validation with Styles

Bootstrap Image Gallery

This basically acts as an assistant or an extension of bootstrap modal dialog during navigations of images within a gallery. Some of the vital features of this tool are full screen mode, mouse, slideshow functionalities, transition effects, and keyboard navigation.

19. Bootstrap Image Gallery

Bootstrap Lightbox

It is formed via modal dialog that simplifies the use and functionality of bootstrap because of its lightbox.

20. Bootstrap Lightbox

Bootstrap Arrows jQuery Plugin

In case you want to point any arrow at whatsoever angle, within the bootstrap’s design, this is a best plugin for you.

21. Bootstrap Arrows jQuery Plugin

Tocify – A Bootstrap jQuery Table of Contents Plugin

If you want to create a table of contents this is a good plugin for you since it’s based on the jQuery plugin. Also, it is applicable for animation, styling, scrolling, forward, & back button support, extension of scroll page, and scroll highlighting.

CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons

If you want to create rich button designs and that too through the support of CSS3 styles, this lightweight tool is for you.

23. CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons


As a web designer, you can style HTML tables with this jQuery plugin.

24. tableclothjs


As the name suggests, it allows web developers to create elements that can be edited in the longer directly on the website’s page.

25. XEditable

Sublime Text 2 Bootstrap Snippets

It has great and worthy choices of classified Bootstrap code snippets from a fine text.

Mobile-First Bootstrap Grid

It is basically formed to be when it comes to mobile screens and desktop screens. By default, it has a desktop style and also allows you to change the layout with media queries and it can be done on both mobile and desktop.

jQuery UI Bootstrap

It basically offers a theme which is compatible in Jquery UI. This particular theme is boosted by the design of Bootstrap. Since it has a bootstrap CSS version, it gets along very well with the theme.

MooTools for Bootstrap

It definitely gives you a much better functionality that twitter released. However, using its Javascript would be an issue but still it has the required tools and custom plugins that are really compatible with other MooTools.

Sass Bootstrap

You can opt for it if you prefer SASS that has CSS flavour than LESS of Bootstrap.

Grid Displayer Bookmarklet for Bootstrap:

Looking for any easy way to display the bootstrap’s grid? This is the best option for you. It definitely works well with the foundation.

31. Grid Displayer Bookmarklet for Bootstrap

Bootstrap-Ready Font Custom

You can follow a certain command line and create web fonts custom icon with Bootstrap-Ready Font Custom. You can also build styles as per naming conventions of boostrap by including this fontcustom.css.

32. Bootstrap-Ready Font Custom

WordPress Bootstrap CSS

With this tool, you can work with almost any WordPress theme and that too without having any professional programming expertise.

33. WordPress Bootstrap CSS

Jetstrap – Web-Based Interface Building Tool for Bootstrap

All you need to do is log into Jetstrap and build Bootstraps. Trust me, you need no programming skills for this as website is quite easy and self-explanatory.

Bootstrap Button Generator

This is probably the fastest tool if you are looking to get customize buttons for your bootstrap development. It’s very easy and simple.

Divshot – The Bootstrap Interface Builder for Web Apps

You can have everything real quick when it comes to building web apps. All you need to do is combine the simplicity of drag-and-drop designing with complicated HTML and CSS programming.

Bootstrap ThemeRoller – Customize the Look and Feel of Bootstrap

This tool makes the designing of Twitter Bootstrap way too easy. One click is all you need to change colors, sizes and fonts.

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