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    10 Free Tools to Monitor a Brand’s Online Reputation

    When running a business online, one needs to be constantly aware of how the brand one represents is holding out with the customers. It is absolutely essential to assure positive online reputation. For one, stores that run solely online have the tendency to receive negativity more often than stores that have a physical presence, primarily […]

  • Pic Stitch


    10 Best Instagram Business Tools

    Instagram is a lot more than posting pictures of food you eat and selfies you probably are crazy about. Instagram is a photo-sharing application, whereby you can use it to post pictures that you take every day, on top of offering you plenty of filters in order to make your shots look more amazing.

  • colourlovers


    Top Six Tools from Different Creative Millennial

    There are many who can play a part in changing the world, of course, for some dreams remain just dreams. Then there are people who are prodigies in a certain field and they somehow manage to make a difference without actually having to make a lot of effort.

  • 4. DocBlockr


    20 Powerful SublimeText Plugins

    If you are developer there is no way that you have not heard of a little plugin called SublimeText. Well, don’t feel if you have not, because if you actually have not heard about it, class is in session. SublimeText is a very sophisticated text editor for your codes, markups and prose. The user interface […]

  • 3. LockItTight


    5 Applications to Track your Stolen Laptop

    Laptops, more often than not, carry personal and sensitive data in them. It can prove to very valuable. Of course that is not the case with every laptop. Either way, keeping the laptop safe from other people is of prime importance to people who spend majority of their time on the laptop working etc. This […]

  • Easel


    12 Best Bootstrap Design Tools

    Being a designer, one is always looking for new and interesting design tools to make one’s work efficient, effective, and most importantly, convenient. It is safe to say that designing and development is getting easier by the day with the host of tools and applications available to us.

  • designtool25


    Must Have UI Design Tools and Resources For Web Developers

    In case you are in search of some great UI design tools and resources, then you have landed at the right place. Today, we will be sharing with you a great collection of some essential UI Design Tools & Resources and these will prove to be really beneficial for all designers.