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    Top 5 WordPress Theme Customization Plugins

    WordPress has been making a lot of noise lately. Nearly 24.7% of the websites are being developed using WordPress and this number keeps growing day by day. The huge community of WordPress’s developers and contributors offers hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins, improving the experience for both users and website owners. WordPress ready-made themes […]

  • HTML-CSS-and-JavaScript

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    Complete Guide to Convert HTML Website to WordPress

    Are your clients bored or confounded by static HTML websites? If you answered yes, you are not alone. In the age of dynamic content and rich interactive interfaces, static HTML websites just don’t cut it. Even if you do manage to create an amazing HTML/CSS website, you will then spend the rest of your time […]

  • Troubleshooting 4 Of The Most Commonly Encountered WordPress Errors


    Troubleshooting 4 Of The Most Commonly Encountered WordPress Errors

    WordPress is undoubtedly the most stable CMS platform available online and can be easily operated without causing many issues. But, at times, your WordPress site may not function normally because of some common errors. Through this post, I’ll be helping you learn about 4 of the most commonly encountered errors and will also help fix […]

  • 9 Creator

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    10 Top-Notched Free Ghost Themes For Your Consideration

    Ghost is an impeccable blogging platform that is incessantly gaining popularity across the globe. It offers several resourceful features and deliver highly customizable hosted solution. This simple blogging platform is quite useful for bloggers, as it scrutinize the blog creation process and thus, enables one to concentrate on content. The platform supports an overwhelming list […]

  • WordPress Code Snippets


    10 WordPress Code Snippets Tailor-Made For Every WP Developer

    Quick availability of immense resources makes WordPress the number one choice of website creators residing in different parts of the world. Easy-to-use tools and plugins have added to all the excitement that’s associated with developing websites using WordPress CMS(Content Management System). As a WP developer, I too have been thoroughly impressed by the wide collection […]

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    Top 20 Life-Changing Charity WordPress Themes

    Sometimes it is so easy to help others. The charity WordPress themes are designed to serve for non-profit organizations, which are in charge of helping people who are in need. Such organizations are an intermediate link between those who wish to help and those who require this aid. They establish the proper way of assistance, […]