Handy Cheat Sheet for Web Designs

One of the more effective for a web designer or web developer to speed up his work process is to have a variety of cheat sheets at his disposal.

They are bound to give you an edge over the other designers out there. They contain tips and tricks in order for you to design more efficiently thus, saving you loads of time and other headaches. Cheat sheets for web designers and developers, are basically diagrams that you can look up whenever you are in a pinch. They also contain frequently used keyboard shortcuts and software tips. Moreover, they are nicely organized so you can easily find what you are looking for. Furthermore, they are very easy to read. Every so often, one forgets a particular function name, or the CSS selector name or a MySQL command name. Cheat Sheets are there to get you out of all that. Of course, we do not expect you to waste your time looking or various different types of cheat sheets available on the internet, so we took the liberty of conducting a thorough search on our own. Here is a list of Handy Cheat Sheet for Web Designs. We are sure they will prove helpful to you. Let us know what you think. As always, your comments are welcome.


HTML Cheat Sheet

HTML Cheat Sheet

HTML Codes Cheat Sheet

HTML Codes Cheat Sheet

XHTML Character Entity Reference

XHTML Character Entity Reference

HTML/XHTML Character Entities

HTML-XHTML Character Entities

HTML Elements and Attributes

HTML Elements and Attributes

HTML Help Sheet

HTML Help Sheet

Commonly Used HTML Elements and Their Corresponding Codes

Commonly Used HTML Elements and Their Corresponding Codes

Responsive Web Design Cheat Sheet

Web Design-Cheat Sheet

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

Web Design-Cheat Sheet-1

Responsive Website Coding: Cheat Sheet

Web Design-Cheat Sheet-2


YUI library

Find out the yahoo user interface library in this PDF.

CSS Properties Cheat Sheet

You can get lowdown on level 1 Properties through this CSS Cheat Sheet.

CSS help Sheet

You can get help as well from this cheat sheet.

CSS Cheat Sheet

Find the reference of syntax easily.

Blueprint CSS Cheat Sheet

It help you for getting Blueprint css sheet.

CSS Level 1 and CSS P Quick Reference Charts

This cheat sheet covers level 1 and processing.

Apple’s CSS Cheat Sheet Widget

You can get Mac dashboard widget CSS Reference.

CSS Panic Guide

Another awesome guide of CSS which helps through this panic guide.


What’s AJAX

Amy Hoy shares her knowledge about AJAX in this cheat sheet.

The AJAX Cheatsheet

In this cheat sheet, you’ll get a simple understanding of the code.

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