Creative Street Art by Brad Downey

One of the unique forms of art is street art, which you don’t see during art exhibits where there are flocks of people coming majority from higher members of the society who have exquisite taste and preferences when it comes to art. You’ll see hand drawn or hand painted images or shapes that do not literally represent the kind of craftsmanship that one expects from a painter. However, the artistry in this field is channeled on street walls, which others called as unsanctioned form of vandalism. It is also called as graffiti.

Brad Downey is one of the known American artists who have a playful imagination that allows him to create unique forms of art, which he draws on sidewalks and streets. His works are different from typical graffiti normally seen in some vacant places like abandoned houses and other open spaces where he courses them in a unique and inspiring form of design and real illustration out of his mind.

Metal and Bricks Support Beams




Sand Castle


The Mess


Bike Parked in Concrete Sidewalk


Traffic Signs


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