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35 Drop Down Menu Tutorials in HTML5, jQuery and CSS3

Aside from being able to see images and themes the first time you visit a website, one of the page’s features that you’ll first use is the drop down menus, especially when you are looking for specific topics, subjects, or categories. This aspect of a site belongs to navigation, or the way you go through the different contents of a website, by hovering or scrolling onto links to access more information.

While some offer simple link display through lists, other websites opt in using drop down menus as navigation options for creating a website that’s clutter-free and cleaner-looking. It also saves a lot of space, which can be used for advertisements and content that is more valuable. And because there are sites that go with different themes, website owners are prompted to find the best codes that would perfectly fit to their site from these 35 drop down menu scripts that are worth the look.

Make 3-Level Navigation-Menu

Demo || Tutorial

It build an attractive cross-browser navigation menu; notable features include CSS3 gradients, multiple sub-menus, and jQuery animations.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-5

CSS3 Minimalistic Navigation Menu

Demo || Tutorial

A simple CSS3 animated navigation menu

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-6


Demo || Tutorial

In this tutorial we will create a unique sliding box navigation. The idea is to make a box with the menu item slide out, while a thumbnail pops up

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-7

Create a stunning menu in CSS3

Demo || Tutorial

Make a slick navigation menu using only CSS3. No javascript and images required, all resources are mentioned on tutorial.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-8

Elegant Dark CSS3 Menu Template

Demo || Download

Beautiful CSS3 menu templates, you can easily use for your projects.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-9

Musical drop down menu

Demo || Tutorial

This menu has css3 animation effects (neat hover effect to menu elements). We also used html5 Audio element in order to add music to this menu.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-10

Creating CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Demo || Tutorial

This css3 dropdown will colored tabs with slideout submenus.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-11

CSS3 vertical multicolor 3D menu

Demo || Tutorial

Create new stylish vertical multicolor and crossbrowser CSS3 menu with 3D animation. This is UL-LI-based menu.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-12

Simple Drop Down Menu

Demo || Tutorial

A beautiful Simple Drop Down menu developed in jQuery and CSS. This tutorial help you minimise the menu lists.
Drop Down Menu Scripts

Dark Menu

Demo || Tutorial

In this tutorials, you will learn , how to create two level menu in HTML and CSS3. There is no javascript and images included in creation.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-2

Pure CSS3 LavaLamp Menu

Demo || Tutorial

Lavalamp menu created in CSS3 and use transition in menu(animate elements).

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-3

HTML5/CSS3 Gray Navigation Menu

Demo || Tutorial

This navigation menu created in HTML5 and CSS3 and no images were used. This menu navigation supports cross-browser as well.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-4

CSS3 Onclick Vertical Metal menu

Demo || Tutorial

In our new tutorial we will create a cool CSS3 vertical menu with icons in metal style.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-13

Creative CSS3 Animation Menus

Demo || Tutorial

A beautiful simple composition of elements build on CSS3.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-14

Mega menu with HTML5 and CSS3

Demo || Download

This mega menu is an experimental model to create meaningful only attractive menu with CSS3.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-15

How to Build a Kick-Butt CSS3 Mega Drop-Down Menu

Demo || Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to build a cross-browser, awesome CSS-only drop-down mega menu, using nice CSS3 features.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-16

Making a CSS3 Animated Menu

Demo || Tutorial

In this short tutorial, we will be using the power of CSS3 effects and transitions, to build a JavaScript-free animated navigation menu

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-17

Creating CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Demo || Tutorial

Create your own multilevel CSS3 dropdown menu (without extra JS files – pure CSS). Since this menu is made using CSS3 – it renders perfect on Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-18

CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Demo || Tutorial

This menu like Mac-Like multi-leavel dropdown.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-19

Click action Multi-level CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Demo || Tutorial

This will multilevel dropdown menu, but today submenus will appear not onhover, but onclick action.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-20

Creating CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Demo || Tutorial

The menu will include a submenus that will slide when we hovering the parent elements. That menu will good for green palette templates.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-21

Office Style CSS3 Multilevel Menu

Demo || Tutorial

This is click action drop down menu with strict office styles (like MS Office styles).

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-22

CSS3 Green Marble Menu

Demo || Tutorial

We’ll create a new horizontal dropdown CSS3 menu. This menu will be suitable for black and for white websites. It made of green marble colors.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-23

CSS3 Bottom navigation menu

Demo || Tutorial

This is will sliding drop down menu with fixed position in bottom of screen. Also, I going to use jQuery for sliding effects.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-24

jQuery style menu with CSS3

Demo || Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn mucking about with CSS3 transitions which could one day replace with all fancy jQuery animation tricks.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-25

Create a Drop-down Nav Menu With HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery

Demo || Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look and see what we can achieve with HTML5 and CSS3 when it comes to the staple of current web sites: the humble drop-down navigation menu.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-26

CSS3 navigation

Demo || Tutorial

A Simple and elegant CSS3 navigation in red color.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-27

HTML5 Canvas Navigation menu with Fire

Demo || Tutorial

Creating some interactive navigation menu in HTML5, directly at canvas element.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-28

Collection of menu effects

Demo || Tutorial

This menu effects inspire with scroll effects and written in pure css.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-29

Simple CSS3 Dropdown Menu


This menu written in css3. This code does not uses child selector and touch of css3 shadow, transition and text-shadow.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-30

Fanciest Dropdown Menu

Demo || Tutorial

Another basic Dropdown menu in brown color scheme.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-31

Dropdown Menu in jQuery and CSS


This article is intended to describe an extremely basic, yet extremely powerful, technique for adding dropdown menus in your application user interface or website design.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-32

Menu Bars with CSS3

Demo || Tutorial

Another simple example of vertical slide hover effect for menu bars developed in css3.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-33

CSS3 Scroll Drop Down Menu


A beautiful navigation coded in CSS3.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-34

CSS3 multilevel menu with transition and animation

Demo || Tutorial

Create a new nice CSS3 menu with interesting behavior, where I use css3 transition and animation. This is UL-LI-based multilevel menu.

Drop DownMenu-tutorials-35

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  1. supeb menu styles, but can you provide wordpress admin like menu ? or can you provide wordpress theme option menu style js or any articles, tutorial ?

    but this post is awesome.

  2. Really great collection of various menu styles. Very useful for web developer. Thanks for sharing this.

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