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Exploring Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat Design

Flat design is undoubtedly the talk of the town. We see a lot designers following and embracing the flat design trend.  Flat design is basically a form of minimalism and it does not have flashy designs or animations. All you’ll see is subtle colors and subtle designs and they look very pleasing to the eye. However, not everyone agrees with the fact that flat designing is applicable for all sorts of websites. Obviously there will be a difference of opinion and I agree that every trend has advantages and disadvantages. So let’s take a look the advantages and disadvantages of flat design.

Advantage: Trendy Designing:

Trendy Designing

Trendy Designing-2

Like I said earlier, flat design is undoubtedly trendy but every trend has to see an end. Mostly designers like to follow trends so if you are one of them, you should definitely give flat designing a chance. It is being appreciated a lot, worldwide and visitors actually like the minimalism effect. I believe flat designing is also perfect for blogs and of course, if you love your work, all sorts of designing will be fun.

Disadvantage: Trends have a short life span

Well, we all know that everything trend that hits the designing world has an ending and same goes for flat design. You never know when the sun sets on flat designing. A little bit of innovation is being seen already in flat designing. If you like to renovate your website every now and then, following trend is good however, if you don’t renovate it then you should opt for something long lasting.

Advantage: Perfect for mobile apps:

Perfect for mobile apps

Perfect for mobile apps-1

A lot of people are in the opinion that flat designing is absolutely perfect for mobile devices and I agree with it. Mobile devices have small screens and they cannot handle too much of clutter. So big buttons, simple background suits the best.

Disadvantage: Usability issues may arise:

Flat design might not come across as a suitable option when it comes to multifaceted experiences. A lot of people are not comfortable with minimalistic approach as they believe it affects the functionality of the website since designers are trying to keep things ‘simple’.

Advantage: Usage of bright colors:

Usage of bright colors

Usage of bright colors-1

I love flat designing because mostly bold colors are used and such colors put visitors in a good mood. The perfect combination of bright tones and warmer tones makes it very pleasing for the eye. So, this is one of the greatest advantages of flat designing.

Disadvantage: Harmonious Color Palette is difficult to find

Creating a nice color palette is not at all an easy task. A combination is easy if you plan to use 2 colors however, if you plan to use 4-5 colors, creating harmony between them is not at all an easy task. You have to have a great color sense in order to create a harmonious color combination.

Advantages: Highlights Typography:

Highlights Typography


Highlights Typography-1

One thing that I love about flat designing is that it highlights typography. Since there are fewer distractions, people can actually focus on beauty of typography. However, being a designer you must know the importance of typography in designing and select accordingly. I would personally recommend you to avoid drops shadows. Focus more on bold colors and typefaces so enhance your flat design.

Disadvantages: Highlights Week Typography too:

As mentioned above, it highlights the typography so this means it highlights good ones and bad ones. So you need to very careful with the selection of typography and if you cannot, you must not select flat designing.

Advantage: Clean and Crisp Visuals:

Highlights Week Typography too

The reason why flat designs look so pretty is the fact that they have clean and crisp visuals. This design is rich in colors, and since the design is bold it makes it easy for visitors to follow links. Other UI elements are mostly designed on the geometric shapes.

Disadvantage: Can come across as too simple:

Since the basis of flat designing is minimalism, people often call it to be too simple. Conveying visual messages can be difficult with a simple design. UI tools are also considered to be too simple. Some people think that such simple websites are not a good idea. A website should be lively enough to attract users’.

Advantage: Dampens Boredom Decoration:


Trust me a visitor can tell from a design if the designer was interested in designing the website or not. Since a designer does not have to add a lot of stuff, his honesty with the project can be clearly seen in a flat design. Making a flat design look pretty and not boring is a great responsibility and an honest designer can do it.

Disadvantage: Limited options:

Flat design will limit you from using tricks, animations and a lot more since not design elements are supported by flat designing.


None of the design outlines are flawless. You should make sure that you tailor your design according to the requirements Designing is all about making something look pretty and should have good usability. Whatever you design, make sure it is convenient to use.

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