Five Ways to Honestly Restore SEO Dominance after Penguin 2.0

During the past few years, many companies realized the important part that search engine optimization (SEO) plays in the world of e- business, e- commerce, and e- marketing. Many companies aim for prominence in Google rankings. This site offers a ranking of all websites depending upon its searchability. Many businesses hire SEO specialists to try every possible process, trick, and technique to get better search result. The emergence of Penguin 2.0 caused many sites to fall down in Google ranking.

Penguin 2.0

Penguin 2.0 is an enigma to sites aiming website popularity through attempting to move up rankings through link acquisitions that are unnatural. Many websites have suffered because of this. Drastic drops in web ranking led to bankruptcy and unemployment. On the other hand, Penguin is heaven’s answer to fight unjust and unfair web marketing.

Little do some people know that there is a way around the watchful eyes of Penguin 2.0.These guides help developers solves the problem wrought upon them by spurious website that employs dishonest ploys just to attract traffic. These five tips can help improve website ranking without having to participate in aggressive campaigns:

1. Use Panguin through Barracuda Digital

The best way to go around the watchful eyes of Penguin is through the usage of Barracuda Digital’s Panguin tool. This tool is superbly popular among the SEO community. It is also free to use. This famous tool helps web masters and developers to monitor the exact landing pages and keywords controlled, affected, and monitored by Google algorithms. Panguin uses this information to pull traffic data from and override it with website update information from Google Analytics.

2. Be familiar with Google Webmaster tools

Google itself informs Websites that had drops in traffic level because of Penguin 2.0. If this happens, it is great to know and check your Google Webmasters tools. These tools will inform you if the website that you are managing have unnatural or illegal links. There will also be reports that show how some links are of low quality.

3. Know, monitor, and analyze backlinks

It is important to be aware of backlinks. To do this, one must download a list of links connected to your website via Google. While at Google Webmaster, access to a link analysis tool is needed. It can be monitored and operated manually to eliminate spams. Suspects can be then be easily identified because they usually stuff links in irrelevant articles or posts. These are also unreadable and unrelated.

4. Know how to use Google Disavow tool

People can use the Disavow tool to eliminate the amount of spam links in a website. This is a great tool for those administering sites where the spam links have overwhelmed the regular ones. By using this tool, users are telling Google that the links and posts are not yours, and that they should not be considered factors in a site’s Google rank. This can be used by going to the Disavow page, and uploading a text file of the links that you want Google to pay no attention to. It is really easy and simple to use, but it is so helpful.

5. Submitting a reconsideration request

Once everything in the website is cleaned from span links and unnatural posts, developers can go to the Google Webmaster Tools site to submit a reconsideration request. Afterwards, Google will study and assess the links. Those who are spam will then be dropped out and eliminated from the web. Google will then inform the web master if he or she will be penalized or not. This might be a risky endeavor, but in the end, it is worth it if you want to get back in ranking business.

Google will always make sure that its users will always be provided with the most efficient algorithms and the best content available in the World Wide Web. Because of this, the whole SEO world has been feeling the turning away from algorithms. This is actually a great move since it reduces or eliminates spams. It also allows web developers and users to engage in more creative yet honest procedures to increase traffic, reach, and popularity. Content marketing is also developing better strategies to ensure success in e- marketing, e- business, and e- commerce. In short, it compels SEO players to be smarter and more compelling. It also paves the way for better and more skillful SEO specialists to shine brighter than normal.

Penguin might have slowed down the increase of the industry, but it has also been a positive thing since it started an advocacy to have a cleaner and better cyberspace. There are many innocent websites who feel that the emergence of Penguin is a blessing in disguise because it roots the evil weeds in the Internet, whose only aim is to flood meaningless data in order to attract attention.

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