How to Develop a Website (Infographic)

As a Freelancer or a Blogger, when developing a brand new website you need to consider many things such as choosing the domain name and the hostname, establishing the purpose of the website, deciding upon the content, and so on. Even more, you need to know what platform to use and what niche your website is targeting.

We should be thankful to Pixaal.com for making life easier when taking big decision such as creating a website. The effective planning of a website will make its development a lot more easier and will lead towards success. So, in order to have a clear picture of what you need to do when starting to develop a website, you should check out this infographic created by Pixaal. Here you will see 26 important things that you must consider before working on your website. Furthermore, this infographic is useful if you want to consider flat or minima design in your work.

26 things to note before you develop a website

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