How to Manage Ads Using Best WordPress Plugins and Solutions

WordPress needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular and widely used content management system and blogging platforms. The reason for its huge success is the fact that it makes everything very easy – from blogging to customization of the website/blog to monetization. It is simple to use and lets you make money out of your website/blog in a very easy way by placing ads such as pay-per-click ads, affiliate marketing etc.

Although placement and management of ads may be a tough and hectic task on other platforms, but fortunately this is not the case with WordPress. One of the most brilliant features of WordPress is the availability of plugins which help you achieve tasks easily and quickly. Various ad management plugins are available out there, as well as some other solutions for WordPress which make implementation and management of all your ads simple and easy.

So in this post we will be sharing with all our webmaster friends a list of some 10 handy plugins and solutions for WordPress ad management. This post will tell you How to Manage Ads Using Best WordPress Plugins and Solutions. So check them out and pick the ones you like the best.



This one is the handiest WordPress ad management plugin which provides you an all-in-one solution for ads. It has the ability of managing your ads, Google analytics or any other tracking scripts, legal stuff and making editing themes or writing code in content a lot easier. It’s easy to use interface allows managing ads from various ad networks simultaneously with interfering with the terms of each network.

Advertisement Management

Advertisement Management

This plugin does exactly what its name says: Advertisement Management. It allows adding ads to your blog directly from the backend. It lets you place ads in various different spots on your webpage, from below posts title on the front page to below the footer etc.


This one is another really cool plugin that lets you handle ads in an efficient way. It provides options for ad-rotation (with weights), scheduling and support for theme widgets. It is easy to use and offers automatic setup.

Advertwhirl Advertising Manager and Ad Rotator

Advertwhirl Advertising Manager and Ad Rotator

Advertwhirl is a really cool plugin for managing ads on your website. It lets you manage how and when ads are displayed on your website, along with providing ads on your guest posts. It is one of the most comprehensive ad managers for WordPress.



This one is an official WordPress plugin from the popular ad campaign website BuySellAds.com. It offers two very easy methods of inserting the BSA code: one by using Widgets, two by manually inserting a single function that returns your desired Ad Zone. It’s simple yet efficient.

WhyDoWork AdSense Plugin

This is yet another really cool WordPress ad management plugin that comes with many useful options. It allows inserting your Adsense ads without modifying the template. You can also set an option of displaying different Adsense ads for articles older than a certain number of days. On the whole it is a nice plugin.

Author Advertising Plugin

Author Advertising Plugin

Author Advertising Plugin makes it possible for blog admins to make a revenue sharing program using any ad campaign programs available out there such as Yahoo, Google Adsense, Amazon, Allposters etc. This plugin can also help in managing banners, author photo/website widget etc.



AdRotate is a nice plugin that makes ad management quite easy from your dashboard. It allows easily and quickly overseeing, adding and editing banner code or renewing/deleting and adding new ads. You can also preview banners while editing them.

Post Layout

Post Layout

Well, this tool allows injecting the “code” into posts/pages in 3 different positions, before, in the middle and after the post comment, without modifying the theme and creating a new “layout” for them. “Code” can be a simple text, AdSense Javascript, subscriptionform fileds or PHP code.


OIOpublisher is an efficient ad manager that allows maximizing your revenue, saving time, and keeping you in complete control of your ad space in an easy and quick way. It can also be used as a WordPress plugin! It also enables you to run third party ad networks along with your own ads

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