How Your Favorite TV Shows Lure You Online

If you are a big TV watcher and you have television shows that you are always sure to watch every week, whether you DVR them or cancel all plans to watch them when they air, it’s pretty likely you’ve spent some time online checking out info about your favorite shows. In fact, you may even be on their website a time or two during the off season as well.

Where To Find Them And Why You Want To

There are many reasons television shows have websites, and many of them are hosted on the network’s domain, making them easy to find. However, not all of them are relegated to their own website, which may not be as easily found.

People are usually attracted to a shows website for many things, from show times and days to checking out who is in the show. You may find that you can see clips, trailers, and these days you can even watch full episodes online.

Many TV websites also lure people in with special things, like trivia and quizzes. It’s a great way not only to learn more about your favorite shows, but also to pass the time (and procrastinate). They add more to your user experience. Not only can you watch your shows on TV, but you can feel as though you are interacting with them online through the various offerings on their websites.


The TV And Internet Connection

It’s important to have a good internet service, just like it is important to have the right TV packages. Take time to look into who offers the best prices and packages for TV and internet. You want to make sure your TV package has all of the shows you want. You can check for Direct TV internet availability in your area today.

You can find great premium channel packages, which come with HBO if you are a Game of Thrones fan. Different packages come with varying prices, but you want to make sure you don’t miss your favorite TV shows.

Some Of The Best TV Show Sites Right Now

Below you will find some of the most popular TV shows airing right now (or at least coming back next season) that also have great websites. You’ll want to visit them, whether or not you are a fan of these shows, because they offer a lot of great info and may convince you to become a fan of a new show.

Discovery channel’s Deadliest Catch is a popular show that many people watch for the sheer enjoyment of seeing someone else do a job they could never do. Their website, which is hosted by the network, offer photos, clips, tours of the boats that are featured on the show, bios of the men on the ships, and they even have a game.

AMC’s The Walking Dead has a site as dark as the show. Again, this one is hosted by the network, but you feel like you are focused on the show and not being drawn to other TV show pages. The cast of this zombie series spend a lot of time at comic conventions and you can find their panels here, as well as sweepstakes and even great pictures that will probably gross you out if you have a weak stomach.

HBO’s Game Of Thrones is such a popular show that this whole summer people have been talking about whether or not Jon Snow is really dead. It’s pretty likely that the website, hosted by HBO, has been extremely busy this year and probably a lot more busy than any years so far in the life of the show. The site offers clips, news, an introduction to the cast and characters and even a forum where you can talk to other fans.

CBS’s NCIS has even more than many of the TV websites, it has a blog. CBS obviously knows the importance of blogging. You can also catch full episodes and find a link to the CBS store where superfans of NCIS can get great merchandise.

The Simpsons is a staple of TV, and it has lasted far longer than most people thought it would. This show has more than one website, amazingly enough. While you can find them on the FOX domain, they also have the colorful and entertaining Simpson’s World website. If you’re not already a fan of this show you’ll become an instant one with one click.

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