How to implement ads without changing the look of your site

Every person with a website has their own unique vision of what it should be, and what it should look like. Just as you have a personal preference, for say, ice cream; you also have one for the look and feel of a site. However, sometimes we can get caught up too much in looks, and we forget to focus on other aspects of their site.

While one may get a lot of joy from re-tooling a site or picking out a new theme, at the end of the day, the look of your site is not going to pay the bills! For that reason, a lot of online publishers are taking net losses thanks to their hosting costs and the other various costs that go into keeping a site afloat.

It may be time for you to turn away attention from your theme, and turn your attention to monetizing your site properly.

To be clear, every site optimizes differently and earns different amounts depending on a wide variety of factors, including traffic, organic keywords, etc. Your earnings may not break the bank, but it will surely help offset some of your costs. Ad serving is something that helps your site in the long-term.

Ezoic can help you get set-up with Google ads if you’re scared about implementing them. The great thing about the technology is that it chooses the optimal ad locations for you. It uses data and a machine-learning algorithm to make sure that your ad placements maximize the revenue for each page. Even better, you can monitor your user metrics throughout the process to make sure that the ads aren’t spamming out your users!

There’s no manual trial and error necessary. All you have to do is select and place Ezoic placeholders in the locations you think might work. From there, the system tries all the possible combinations and determines the best ones– no work required!


Set-up takes about 20 minutes and you can have ads up on your site in less than a day. For those that are looking to give display advertising a try, this is a great way to jump into the advertising ecosystem. Ezoic gives you access to Google’s Ad Exchange, which is their premium network. You’ll be showing high-quality CPM ads pulled from hundreds of different ad networks (including Adsense). There’s no annoying pop-up or malicious ads in the Ad Exchange.

For those that are worried about the technical implementation of Ezoic, there’s no cause for alarm either. There’s a great Ezoic Chrome Extension that’s perfect for those who are obsessed with the aesthetics of their site, but don’t want to work with the actual code of their site.

With it, you’ll be able to view Ezoic placeholders on the page as they will appear. You can select the different sizes and locations, and see how they fit on the page and with your content. It’s super easy to use and takes a lot of the technical work out of using Ezoic too. You can use the Ezoic Chrome Extension to add new placeholders, edit existing ones, or just view how things might look!


If you’re hesitant about implementing ads, Ezoic might be an ideal fit. You can dip your toes in with only a portion of traffic to begin. The system allows you to split your traffic between Ezoic ads and your existing ones (or lack thereof, in some cases).
The whole system has been constructed with the publisher (and the look of their site) in mind. There’s lots of apps and settings that will help you remain comfortable and keep total control of your site and it’s looks. If you’re ready to start monetizing your site, you can learn more and sign-up on www.ezoic.com today. There’s no cost to join and everything is free to use.

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