Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting: Pros and Cons

Buying a web hosting is not a simple task and one needs to understand several factors before zeroing on any hosing package or provider. One of the major concerns that comes up while buying a hosting plan is to go for Linux hosting or Windows hosting!


Most newbie Internet marketers having less technical knowledge and think Linux operating system would be much complicated for them. But gone are the days when Linux was one of the most tedious operating systems to handle. Today, Linux has become more user friendly with interactive graphical control panels same as that of Windows.

When it comes to an operating system of a hosting server, Linux is more popular since it more features expected by the web designers. Hence, Linux hosting is one of the widely preferred and used operating system with the hosting servers.

Let’s look at some of the important features of both Linux as well as the Windows operating system that will guide us in analyzing which is better.

Access Point

Access point is nothing but the method to access your files on your hosting server. Usually these files can be accessed by both the operating systems through the provided control panel or using the FTP sessions.

The control panel offers a graphical interface to access these files. Specifically designed for novices, these control panels are easy to use and same for both the Linux as well as the Windows operating systems.

On the other hand, the FTP access is usually performed using command line client. Same for both the operating system, the only difference one faces is that of commands. The instructional commands for Linux slightly vary to that of Windows.

Supported Technologies

Prior to finalizing the operating system of a hosting server, one must confirm the sort of application or coding language they will be using for developing their website. If your website requires the use of scripting languages like PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, etc., then the Linux operating system would be the most recommended option.

On the other hand, if your website would be using Microsoft script applications like ASP, VB or J script that a Windows based operating system would be recommended for your website.


When it comes to security, Linux operating system is the most secured operating system for any hosting server. Since, Linux is an open source operating system; it allows you to easily customize your server security.  Similar customization can also be made within the Windows operating system but is more complicated and cannot be secured as good as the Linux OS.

Cost Efficiency

One of the basic reasons why most web developers go with Linux operating system is its cost efficiency. The Linux OS comes way too cheaper than the Windows OS and also offers more space for customization. Although good hosting companies like HostGator or Digital Ocean charges high prices for their hosting services, you can use HostGator coupon codes to redeem prices while purchasing web hosting.

Fast and Reliable

Considering the overall performance of both the operating systems, Linux OS takes a lead over the Windows based operating system. The Windows OS comes with a huge set of restriction over customization whereas Linux OS being an open source can be customize the way we want. This makes the Linux OS all the more fast and reliable. You can also take help of online website builders to build your websites quickly.


Considering all the above mentioned factors, both Windows as well as the Linux operating systems do well for a website. However, if you are looking for a more secured and flexible website, Linux OS will work the best for you.

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