Splendid and Advantageous Mac Apps for Developers

Like always, we want to save you from the hassle of searching best tools and apps for yourself, online. Today, we plan to share some of the great and useful Mac apps with you and we ensure that these apps prove to be really helpful for all the developers out there. We all know that in the world of development, developers should constantly explore new tools and apps in order to improve their work. These apps are not only helpful but they will save developers a lot of time for more productive work. We have compiled a list of 15 Mac apps for developers should check them out for their own convenience. Without wasting any further time, let’s take a look at these apps:



With the help of Modbis, you can easily create some great and impressive mobile websites. This will help you in carving a niche into the world of mobile marketing.



Alfred is definitely a great app because it will save your time like anything. With the help of this app, you can easily look for files either online or within your mac.


Net Beans

If you have been wanting to develop apps for all sorts of devices i.e., mobile, desktop or web with the help og PHP, HTML5 or Java, NetBeans is the best option for you. It is free and OpenSource and a lot of developers across the globe are taking advantage from it.

Little Ipsum

Little Ipsum

Not one of the best but I consider it to be the best latin text generator for operating system. The best part is that it is absolutely free yet offers great services as it is lightweight and of course quick.

D Term

D Term

As a developer you must know that command line is definitely an important part of the development workflow so it should not be considered as a separate task. With D Term, you can run commands way too easily as it provides its users’ with context-sensitive command line.



One of the simplest yet great apps that is easy and simple to use yet highly effective. This is basically a Photoshop Plugin which will generate CSS as per the styles of your Photoshop.



As the name suggests, app is all about coding. As a developer, you will do the coding and Coda will help you in assembling everything at a single place.



CodeKit is a great app that will help you in building websites in a quicker way. Below you can find all features related to CodeKit.



I am sure you must have heard about flow as it is an award winning website as it is considered to be one of the most reliable clients for FTP + SFTP. You will have deoplets, QuickLook and a lot more with this app.

X Scope

x scope

This is one of the great tools for both developers as well as designers xScope is a tool which will help you in inspecting your layouts and on-screen graphics.

Spark 2

Spark 2

Spark 2 is basically a convenient tool to manage shortcuts. With this tool you can generate hot keys in order to launch applications and a lot of other stuff. This tool also allows you to import and export different hot keys library.

Clipboard History

Clipboard History

A pretty simple app that will help you in keeping a record of all your copied items and later on these items can be pasted within any applications. These items can include text or PDFs.

Fluid App

Fluid App

A lot of web apps such as Gmail have started to look like desktop apps. I am sure it will be really annoying to use an individual tab for everything. Fluid app will allow you in building a real Mac App out of almost any website. This will obviously transform your web apps desktop apps.



This is one of the popular text editors for Mac. This will cost you less in comparison to other apps and will provide almost same features.



Eclipse is definitely a famous IDE and is a preference of many programmers. A lot of Eclipse plugins are present to support almost any web and computer language.


I am sure there are a lot of other great apps that can be added into the list however, it is impossible for us to add all of them. Do share with us your favorite Mac apps and keep on enhancing this list.

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