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10 Useful Mobile javascript Frameworks For Web Development

Developer can face many challenges and also require some techniques when it comes to creating any website of web apps for mobile web. Many of the bandwidth limitations, that are obtained by most of the personal devices, that are portable, have UIs optimized for fingers instead of going towards mouse cursors. These are developed for the mobile devices that are in need of a shift in the standard, especially for those individuals who created products that targeted the desktops. In order to assist you to install websites and mobile apps that are on cross-platform, a list of Mobile JavaScript frameworks is available for you to take advantage from.


Some of the common features of JavaScript mobile web development frameworks are mentioned below:

  • Optimized for touchscreen devices: One can experience some extra challenges for user interface designs when the input device is not a mouse cursor but it’s your own finger. Mobile web development frameworks helps in resolving this issue by providing standard elements of UI along with event –handling that are especially designed for platforms of mobile devices.
  • Cross-platform: Cross-platform is a method through which one can get some good support for having multiple platforms for mobile devices such as iOS. In this situation, android gives you the opportunity to share your app to many users.
  • Lightweight: Because of current bandwidth limitations, a stronger emphasis on lowering file weight is placed into mobile web development frameworks.
  • Uses HTML5 and CSS3 standards: Many of the mobile devices having such web browsers that supports CSS3 and HTML5 and others like this, this gives an advantage to the frameworks of mobile web development to provide new features in the upcoming W3C specifications in order to have a better user experience.

This piece of information will provide you with top picks of JavaScript mobile web development frameworks which are to be considered by you while making your next website or web app.

1. jQuery Mobile

This is a framework that will assist you in developing a UI mobile app that could be used on many platforms of many other popular mobile devices such as android and iOS. This framework gives boasts to a lightweight code base that has a weight of 20KB when gzipped along with a large pack of standard UI elements towards which the users are familiar like sliders and switches. If you think that jQuery is not what you want, than you should go and check MooTools Mobile. Dojo Mobile and Christoph Pojer, who are the core developers, introduced a MooTools plugin that helps in lifting Dojo API so that it could help the developers to build apps much faster for mobile platforms.


2. Titanium Mobile javascript Frameworks

This strong mobile web development framework assists the user to operate its existing CSS, HTML and JavaScript information so as to make its mobile app native like for android and iOS.  Being the biggest mobile web development frameworks, having more than 300 API and active community for developers, you will get great help from the most expert developers available. Titanium Mobile normally supports elements of native UI for Android and iOS like tabs, popovers, switches and table views. Besides this, also it possesses characteristics that will help you in interacting with camera, mobile devices and storage system for native files.

Titanium Mobile

3. The-M-Project

M-Project has also made some good position in JavaScript framework as it also takes advantages of new HTML5 characteristics for the development of easy mobile app. This framework pursues the most popular software called model-view-controller (MVC) which gives an architecture pattern. This framework gives online support as well so as to ease the user to continue its work even if there is no internet connection.


4. Jo Mobile javascript Frameworks

Jo is such a web development framework that also aides those developers who are working on those mobile devices which have HTML5 such as webOS, iOS, Chrome OS platforms and Android. Jo also has UI elements that are native like such as the popup widget used for extra information and web from widget for screens login.


5. xui.js

If you are looking for some lightweight and require characteristics for standard development such as event handling, Ajax etc, than xui.js is the best place to be. Xui.js provides builds that are targeted for particular browsers of mobile as IE and WebKit when the developer is making an app that is for a specific operating system of a mobile device.


6. EmbedJS

If you are looking for some JavaScript framework for those devices which have TVs, a tablet etc, than EmbedJS is the best option. The reason is this that it has multiple builds for particular platforms like android, iOS etc which has less code to serve that assists the end user. And if you are planning to customize your build, then developers provide you with the best EmbededJS Build tool.


7. zepto.js

zepto.js is such a framework that is only developed for mobile WebKit browsers such as  Safari and Chrome. zepto.js provides easiness for its developers to get their work done quickly and firmly. Along with this, zepto.js is also lightweight with only 5KB.


8. DHTMLX Touch

DHTMLX Touch provides its users with free HTML5 and javaScript framework that is optimized for touch screen devices that helps you in making your mobile web apps rapidly. UI Designer of DHTMLX Touch is a visual editor that aids in the building of UI mobile and also aids in constructing first class UIs with very less coding.


9. Mobilize.js

Another JavaScript framework, Mobilize.js, helps you converting your current website into a mobile friendly version. Getting integrated in your website is easy as this framework does all that from the client side and also provides the facility for tracking mobile browsers.

10. ChocolateChip Mobile

With an exciting name, ChocolateChip Mobile is a framework that is developed to aid the web browsers of future forward. It has the same syntax as does Prototype of jQuery have. Beside only syntax, other features like handling of events through delegation and binding and having methods like .css and .toggleclass are also in this ChocolateChip Mobile framework.

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  1. JQTouch is nice but I agree with JayData, Kockout and iScroll are all very good performers. Even mobile website has a great web frameworks nowadays. It is great to have a javascript on mobile web, at least it could be look better and attractive. Thanks !!

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