New Trends in USB Flash Drive Technology

The advent of new USB flash drive trends has brought more and more people back to this technology, despite cloud and other storage options giving the USB stick a run for its money. There was once a time when the storage industry thought that people will no longer need to carry these tiny pecks, but manufacturers of USB flash drives have collaborated with vendors to add new features to their offerings, which are complementing the increased speed and capacity of thumb drives.


Apart from the news that USB flash drives are now compatible with most operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.), the following are the latest trends in USB flash drive technology that’ve gotten owners of different devices excited.

1. Encryption

Did you know that modern flash drives offer encrypted usb memory as well as a custom encrypted PIN that renders the device useless if an adversary tries to access your personal data? Some offerings are seamless, powerful and fast when it comes to encryption, encrypting every file you save on the USB flash drive with AES 256 Bit Encryption. This feature offers ease of use and 100% data protection wherever, whenever, on any computer you connect it to.

2. Anti-virus Protection

USB thumb drives are coming with powerful anti-virus tools that prevent malwares and viruses from entering the drive and making rounds in the devices it is later connected to. This was a much needed feature considering how quickly ransomware and Trojans were spreading from one USB flash drive to a computer to another. The feature has turned the once “always infected” USB flash drive into a portable virus combat kit. The modern versions also remove the need to install an anti-virus software on your PC, as the device’s anti-virus software can get the job done.

3. Cloud Backup

While anti-malware tools will protect the device from viruses and other similar threats, they won’t do anything to bring back your sensitive information if someone steals your device physically. Encryption would make the information useless, but that won’t bring the data to you either, just secure it so that no one conducts identify theft or other similar crimes. However, a feature that was recently added to USB offerings was of cloud backup. Backup begins automatically and data is synced off the thumb drive to the nas device or cloud. And the data stored on the USB drive can be restored from anywhere.

4. Multi-Language Translation Support

In normal usage environment, you’d have to first transfer the files stored on your USB flash drive to your computer, and then open them before you translate any files for specific reasons. You’d also have to download a translation software or go on the internet for the purpose. However, you don’t need to do all that with some new models of USB sticks because multi-language support has been added in them. Pre-loaded software supports and translates documents/files in different languages.

Apart from these trends, the design of USB flash drives has also evolved in recent years. New designs include rugged aluminum that makes the device resistant to physical damage. Combined, all the new features secure your data from the outside as well as the inside while being OS independent.

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