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    Multilingual Store: 30 Newest WPML Ready WooCommerce Templates

    WooCommerce Templates

    Running a webstore is a much-needed part of a successful, profitable enterprise that develops with confidence. However, doing this may seem a big deal that requires a lot of additional knowledge and skills. When it comes to launching a multilingual webstore, the case becomes even more complicated. Many webstore engines will make their owners have […]

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    Why a Graphics Design Degree Really Matters?

    Is a graphic design degree really worth it? Many have asked this question in the past and continue to ask this question even today. The economic outlook isn’t great and while tuition costs continue to rise, unemployment doesn’t seem to be improving a whole lot lately – despite what the people on the news keep […]

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    10 Superlative Mobile App UX/UI Trends To Watch In 2015

    The Wearable market can't be ignored

    Every year, the mobile market unveils a new list of design trends that are essential to create a remarkable application. There is no debate whether the mobile apps will hold the reins in the future or not. The analytics and stats have already made the things quite clear. Believe it or not, but it has […]

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    A handy guideline WP installation on LEMP Stack

    Those who aren’t aware LEMP software stack, let me explain you- it’s basically a group of software that can be used to render dynamic web pages and web applications. It includes any distribution of Linux, Apache, and PHP as a model and MySQL. Today, in this tutorial I am going to talk about the process […]

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    A Simple Guide to Create a Breathtaking Mobile Typography


    Typography is one of the most integral components of a website and paying a little bit attention to it can drastically improve the overall design and readability of a website. A good typography can make a lot of difference in providing your website visitors an effortless reading experience. A successful web design is always blended […]

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    10 WordPress Code Snippets Tailor-Made For Every WP Developer

    WordPress Code Snippets

    Quick availability of immense resources makes WordPress the number one choice of website creators residing in different parts of the world. Easy-to-use tools and plugins have added to all the excitement that’s associated with developing websites using WordPress CMS(Content Management System). As a WP developer, I too have been thoroughly impressed by the wide collection […]

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    How to Find Luxury Homes in Bangalore Quickly

    The revival of the Indian property markets is in the offing. This is not merely because it has been a while since the slowdown started and people have been anticipating the revival. There have been changes to prove it. First of all, there is a stable government which has enhanced consumer and investor confidence in […]

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    30 Useful Logo Templates


    The logo will be the open deal with for any manufacturer, business yet picking any company logo for one’s fresh manufacturer won’t operate. Most of the time company logo will be the one which folks keep in mind for some time once they find out with regards to one’s name. Ideal company logo, web templates […]

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    Amazing Feats of CSS

    Shape Masking

    Many of you may think that CSS if only used for basic design of the website or a web page. That is true. Many of the web pages you see these days have CSS at the base and that is what makes them look so incredibly attractive. If you are one of those people that […]

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    10 Useful jQuery Form Plugins

    In all honesty, forms, sometimes take a lot of out of you while filling up. If that’s the toll it takes on the one that fills it, imagine what goes through the minds of people that actually develop those forms. There are loads of complications involved in developing a fully functional form even though they […]