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Powerful Twitter Plugins to Integrate Your Website

Running a blog not only means developing and writing good content. You need to make sure that that content gets to your desired readers and that they stick around. You also need to make sure that the audience gets the maximum amount of opportunities to interact with your website as possible. This interaction will eventually lead to them developing a relationship with your website and they are likely to visit over and over again. Moreover, you need to make sure that they follow your website, and they are notified of new content as soon as you publish it onto your website. This is the very reason behind social media marketing and that is also the very reason why it is of importance. It does not matter if you are running a website or not. Social media marketing is necessary for any business these days whether it is online or offline. Social media marketing should not be overlooked. One of the primary social networks these days is Twitter and it is also one of the more powerful ones out there. It is of prime importance that this social network is properly integrated into your website. This however might prove to be a difficult and time-taking task on its own but thankfully there many different tools that you can use to help you out with this. For that very purpose, we give you a list of Powerful Twitter Plugins to Integrate Your Website. Let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Twitter Widget Pro

19. Twitter Widget Pro Twitter Widget Pro will help you insert a widget onto your website which will perfectly handle twitter feeds including parsing the username, hashtags and URLs into the links.

Twitter Tools

18. Twitter Tools Twitter Tools is another plugin that will let you completely integrate your blog with your Twitter account. You can even download your Tweet archive using this plugin straight from your blog.

Ultimate Twitter Profile Widget

11. Ultimate Twitter Profile Widget

Ultimate Twitter Profile Widget plugin can allow you to show tweets at three different places. The first one being the page, second is the post while the third is the sidebar or the footer.

WordPress Dashboard Twitter

10. WordPress Dashboard Twitter

This Dashboard Twitter plugin helps you add Twitter right onto your dashboard. It would then display tweets, replies, direct messages, sent messages, retweets, friends timeline and favorites.

Twitter Cards

9. Twitter Cards

If you are looking to add Twitter card markup to individual posts, this is the plugin for you to use.

Twitter Like Box

8. Twitter Like Box

Twitter Like Box will simply let you add a box. It is quite similar to the Facebook Like Box and you can place it on the sidebar or the footer. You can even display your Twitter followers anywhere on your blog.

Twitter Stream

7. Twitter Stream

As the name suggests, this particular plugin will insert your Twitter timeline on your website for the pleasure of your readers. It will also cache the processes to make them faster.

WP Twitter

6. WP Twitter

If you are looking to integrate your blog with your Twitter account to feature on posts and pages, use WP Twitter. It will also support Complete ShareThis Button Integration.

Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter

5. Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter

This is a general social media plugin for WordPress which allows your readers to share your post on social networks and it also includes Facebook and Google Plus.

Twitter Follow Buttons in Comments

4. Twitter Follow Buttons in Comments

This is for your readers. If they have a twitter account, and this plugin is installed on your website, they can use it to add their twitter link along with their comment.

My Twitter Widget

3. My Twitter Widget

Use this particular plugin to add a sidebar widget that will offer you to show your latest tweets.

Twitter Mentions as Comments

28. Twitter Mentions as Comments This particular plugin will search Twitter for people talking about your website and insert the relevant tweets alongside the comments that have been posted. It is the perfect way to get discussions going.

Nextend Twitter Connect

27. Nextend Twitter Connect If you are looking for an amazing Twitter plugin for your website, look no further. This will help your readers with Twitter accounts to sign up on your site with their Twitter credentials later using it to login to your website.

Twitter Tweets Box

26. Twitter Tweets Box With a lot of customization options, this is a widget which will let you display your Twitter updates on your WordPress blog.

Rapid Twitter Widget

25. Rapid Twitter Widget This plugin will allow you to display your latest tweets from one or more accounts in a WordPress widget without slowing your website by a second.

Skysa Twitter Follow

24. Skysa Twitter Follow If you are looking for a Twitter follow plugin, this is the way to go. It will allow the visitors on your website to follow your twitter account with just one click and they will not even leave the website in the process.

WD Twitter Feed

23. WD Twitter Feed WD Twitter feed uses Ajax and that means that the data is being loaded behind the scenes. Your feed will be loaded but the page will still load in the same time as it were before.

Twitter Updates with Date and Time

22. Twitter Updates with Date and Time If a user, or yourself have your tweets set to be displayed to the public and are not protected, this plugin will display the most recent of them.

WP to Twitter

21. WP to Twitter This plugin will automatically post your tweets from your WordPress website to Twitter using the URL shortening service you may opt for. It also shortens any update that is larger than 140 characters.

HL Twitter

20. HL Twitter HL Twitter is a WP plugin that will let you display your tweets as a widget on the sidebar or the footer. Moreover, you could use this to browse your Tweet history, all of it, straight from your blog.

JM Twitter Cards

17. JM Twitter Cards This plugin will add Twitter cards on your posts as per your settings. It will additionally allow you to customize those cards whatever way you may choose to.

Rotating Tweets

16. Rotating Tweets This plugin will let you display your latest tweets one at a time and will animate the transition from one tweet to another. You also have a shortcode to assist with the rotation.

Twitter Plugin

15. Twitter Plugin This plugin has already been downloaded over 121,000 times and it will let you add a simple follow button on your blog. You can even specify the position as to where the button is placed.

Simple Twitter Feed Widget

14. Simple Twitter Feed Widget This is WordPress plugin and it will allow you to display the latest posts from your Twitter account in a sidebar as a widget or in the footer. You can also set the number of tweets to be shown.

Twitter Tracker

13. Twitter Tracker Twitter Tracker is very helpful because it will help you display a Twitter search tab right on your blog. You can also use hashtags using this plugin.

Twitter Cards Meta

12. Twitter Cards Meta

This is a free WordPress plugin that will allow you to insert Twitter Cards metadata on your website. You can increase your Twitter visibility using this plugin.

WP Twitter Feeder Widget 1.0

2. WP Twitter Feeder Widget 1.0

WP Twitter Feeder Widget is a widget plugin that will help your display latest tweets from a given username (preferably yours).

WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS

1. WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS

Finally, WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS helps you boost the design and functionality of your website all with Twitter running on it. It includes CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, grids and navigation.

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