How To Protect Your WordPress Site Against Comment Spam

Comment spam has been a serious issue for so many WordPress site owners. To see your website filled with spam comments can be extremely frustrating because it hampers the credibility of a website.

As we know that a website receives thousands of comments every week, the fear becomes more dominant. The level of spam can drastically reduce the number of visitors received by your website and it also affects your Google ranking. Therefore, it is essential to beat the bots by using certain techniques that help you in combating these issues.

However, there is no all fit solution to completely stop spam comments. Even if you completely disable spam comments, hackers will still find some ways to submit spam comments on your website. Although, they will not show on your website, but will find some space in your database and thus will reduce the performance of your website.

But, still there are some ways which you can implement to reduce the level of spam comment on your website. Tackling spam comment is not that difficult; all you need is to follow some simple tips and eliminate the spam from your website.

How To Protect Your WordPress Site Against Comment Spam

Moderate WordPress Comment


Now, there are inbuilt settings in the WordPress for you to manage the incoming flow of spam. All you need to do is to go to the dashboard of your WordPress site, and in there, you need to go to the “Discussion Settings”. In this page, you will find “Be ….. “

Now, there are two ways to go about it. If you check in the first option, every single comment made on the blog will have to go through moderation, and can only appear below the post once it is approved. If you however select the second checkbox, the comment authors who have had one of their comments approved previously. Most of the bloggers tend to go with the second option since a level of trust is already established between the site admin and the comment author who got his first comment published.


This is where the main science is. The comments from anonymous sources won’t really contribute with any spam if there are no URLs embedded in them. And that’s what makes this setting all the more important.

It is recommended that you enable this setting by entering “1”, which implies that if and when anyone comments while appending a URL with their comment, it will automatically go into the moderation section. From there, you can check the URL and approve or disapprove the comment.

Blacklist the Repeat Offenders

Blacklist the Repeat Offenders

In WordPress, you have the facility to block the IP addresses of spammers who constantly adding spam comment on your website. Here, you can also block the attacker’s URL, email address, name, content etc.

Close Comments from Older Posts


Older posts and articles are more vulnerable to the spam attacks as compared to the new ones. Spammers often target old articles that are already enjoying good ranking in Google. But, WordPress gives you a piece of mind by allowing a facility to disable comments and posts on old articles. You can specify the number of days after the completion of which no comment will be accepted.

Use Anti-spam Plugins

Although, WordPress provides quite enough features and options that are useful in stopping spam comments, but alternatively, certain plugins can also be used to add an extra security layer to your website. The popular plugins are:

  • AkismetThis is one of the most anti-spam plugins that comes packaged at the time of installation. Developed by WordPress, it’s an automated service that works great when it comes to stopping the spam comment and accept only the ones that are legitmate.


  • Antispam Bee The plugin is an extremely powerful solution for combating against spam comments. It comes with a powerful collection anti-spam filters and tools that help you keep your comment section safe. It also allows you to block comments coming from a specific region or country and also a particular language.

Antispam Bee

  • WP-SpamShield Anti-spamThis is an easy to use plugin that prepares your website against spam comments or registration. It eliminates all kinds of automated spam from your website. And also eliminates the need of adding Captcha form.
  • AVH First Defence Against SpamThis power-packed plugin keeps an eye on the IP address of the commenter and block it if something unexpected comes out before the spammer send a comment on your post. It also helps you store the information about hackers in your database, so that you’ll have a clear idea about who can and cannot post comments on your website.

AVH First Defense Against Spam

As a website owner, it is your responsibility to stop spam bots and get rid of all false traffic that advertises undesirable content and links on your website. Therefore, depending upon the requirements of your website, choose the solution that suits you best to discourage spam and anything that creates an obstacle between the performances of your website.

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