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12 Responsive Lightboxes Plugins

Thanks to wonderful tools like lightboxes being included in websites, people can now view images without the need of refreshing the whole website just to view pictures and photos one at a time. And because the use of these plugins are becoming the norm with most pages these days, whether it’s a blog or a photo site, different kinds of  Responsive lightboxes plugins have been created to fit and match with themes, shapes, colors, and styles being observed in a site. Just to give you a peek of what’s available these days, here are 12 responsive lightboxes plugins that should catch your attention.

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Visual Lightbox

Visual LightBox

Unlike most of the lightboxes that only come with strings and a number of codes for you to tweak and fix, Visual Lightbox is different. You can actually use a setup wizard that gives you the option of choosing pictures to include, whether you will use it for WordPress or Joomla, or you will set up themes depending on what suits your site.

CSS Modal

CSS Modal

Because this lightbox is created from pure and raw CSS, it is actually easy to load and be pulled up, regardless of what browser is used or what internet speed is available. It is also so responsive that the quality of the plugin remains the same whether it will be used for smartphones or for huge-screen computers. CSS Modal is also great for multi-code users that prefer to use it as a Sass plugin.

Magnific Popup

Magnific Popup

Because this lightbox plugin runs through jQuery, expect that it can provide fast, clear, and quick-loading photos and galleries without the bulk when it comes to file size. You can have its properties edited for comfort via CSS, which can be utilized for PCs or mobile devices.



This plugin would give you the fancy you want with lightboxes because FancyBox is a powerful lightbox that can be customized, edited, and changed with a few codes via jQuery.



Expect that you will be able to create fast, smooth, and great-looking lightbox tools with the iLightbox as it is run by a jQuery JavaScript library that provides ease and convenience to both site visitors and web developers.



The Fresco lightbox provides flexibility for web developers as one lightbox created in any platform can be viewed on different browsers, regardless of the device being used, whether PC, smartphone, or tablet.



Pretty much like basic lightbox tools available for use in websites, Chocolat offers simple ways of adding pictures in the overlay box, whether you want to have thumbnails in it, or have links embedded in the photos.


Shadowbox JS

Shadowbox is a kind of lightbox that offers intuitive overlay creation for website authors since it runs purely on CSS and jQuery. It can also be used regardless of site content publishers being used.



This lightbox tool is actually unique in its own right for being ThemeRoller ready, and it also offers features where you can view photos in Panorama, utilizing Live Resize modes.

Responsive Lightbox

Responsive Lightbox

For starters, this lightbox cannot handle videos and other formats except for images, which explains why it is lightweight and why it is easier to use.

PrettyPhoto jQuery Lightbox


Another Cool jQuery Lightbox clone that does support images, videos, flash, youtube, iframes with full blown media lightbox.

Litebox jQuery Plugin


Litebox is a modified version of Lightbox v2.0 created with one thing in mind, size reduction. Litebox utilizes the 3kb javascript library moo.fx in association with prototype.lite, giving us the basic tools we need to make this work and you the ability to expand.

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