Stay Ahead of Times with 5 Responsive CrocoBlock WordPress Themes

When some work is done many times it becomes habitual, gets automated. This benefits the speed of operation, but drains creativity and inventiveness from work.

To impress the audience one always needs to come up with something new and unconventional, with something that stands out of the row.

As time flies, a novelty on the market that brought great revenues to pathfinders, becomes casual, expected. Then one needs to have something more to drag the crowds. That is why the progress of website designs is never-ending and new companies, able to offer fresh outlooks and ideas, come to being and cast well-established authorities into the shade.

It is not a secret that Internet market is rapidly developing. Novelty and innovation are the cornerstones of success and financial well-being there. If the webpage appears outdated and dull, it deters possible clients rather then attracts them. To have a winning webpage one should keep up with the times and follow last trends in the area. That is getting a sleek, responsive, well-structured, interactive and visually abundant webpage. Your website is the face of your business: it conveys your attitude, your value system and believes. It is much better to show them with great modules and graphics than to with lengthy paragraphs.

If you do not want your website look run-of-the-mill, we can offer you some outstanding up-to-the-minute website designs that beat their competitors with their sleekness, customization features and use of visual means. These themes are so special because they were designed by a new, trending WordPress Clubs CrocoBlock that offers great products that surpass the giants of the market in their functionality and innovativeness. Up to date, the club does not offer millions of themes, but each of the themes they offer is a worthy masterpiece, combining fresh new outlook with the quality of the best market products.

Giving it a try means not only staying on the level within your branch, but tempting your clients with something more, offering an eye-candy that surpasses their expectation. Such a strategy ensures a lasting success of your page and boosted revenues.

Why Is A CrocoBlock Theme the Best Option?

1) In comparison to custom designs it saves your time and money and gets you a product of high quality and degree of elaboration.

2) In comparison to other existing designs it illuminates with innovativeness, fresh approach and great functional features.

3) All the themes offer out-of-box installation and intuitive customization that result in a great unique outlook of your website. Designs come with unlimited color selection, extended typography options and localization features.

4) CrocoBlock designs are truly responsive and look astonishingly on every screen from smartphone to PC monitor. You can preview desktop, tabloid and smartphone versions of the designs in live demo.

5) Designs come with license for featured images become your property and can be used in your subsequent projects.

Are you ready to see the great designs that we carefully selected for you? Here we present 5 great ways to upgrade your business in major branches. Try them out with different screen modes and experience their true power and quality.

Dinner King Restaurant WordPress Theme

In restaurant business the atmosphere of the place, the way the food if presented matter a lot. Perfect cleanness, polished silverware, snow-white porcelain and the sight of live flowers are the things that make a good restaurant a desired destination. Even the most delicious cooking will not win the hearts of guests, if the place fails to create the atmosphere they seek. A webpage has its own atmosphere as well: the color palette of the theme is your wall colors, the elements of design are your eye-catching decorative elements, food should be presented at its best, as otherwise it looses its magic.

For everyone who knows this, we present this upbeat design with white background. White color ensures readability of the material and light atmosphere of the page. Pleasant bright shades of the grid set off bright dimensions of your dishes: orange chicken, green and red vegetables, bright seasonings. Everything in this design is the way you need it: a large lightbox, circle images, dropdown menu of warm green, extensive font base and unlimited color selection. What you see is just a variant of how a theme can be set, and there are multiple other options for you to choose. Note that the structure of the website has all you need: it shows off and invites to read about your dishes, gives information about the place and lets your guests explore multiple options for different categories of people. What is important, contact information has its own section on the home page with a Google map featured below, so everyone can get to your place without searching by address. Moreover, an emphasis is put on integration with social media as social media icons are placed not somewhere at the bottom of the page, but on the right of the menu. This encourages people to share their experiences, and this is probably the best and free promotion you can get.

Restaurant WP

Details | Demo

Utopia Nightclub WordPress Design

This theme is a true heaven for everyone who wants to live the life to its fullest. Sparkles of light, shining of blue and magenta mosaic, sexy bodies expressing one’s freedom to live in the way one wants. This theme creates an atmosphere of drive, of passion to live and enjoy the process. Club is a magical world where rules of daily life are broken and energy that had no release among the daily chores gets chanelled into free movement. Club is the universe void of problems, the universe where everyone comes to have fun and freedom and to enjoy other people’s company. It is a matter of choice, whether to join this universe or not. The main task of a website is to picture the joys available to be taken, to evoke the atmosphere of a place, to make a person re-experience the brightest points of past experience and plan their return in the closest future. This design featuring stunning http://inspiretrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06 of club life is greatly serving this purpose. It invites to try out some bits of experience by visiting the gallery of great shots as well as giving a try to selected tracks. Your webpage guests are bound to desire more. The theme provides a comfortable user experience. The top bar stays visible as guests scroll down the page so they do not need to go back to top to switch to another piece of information. The footnote features integration with social networks that makes your website a part of people’s worlds. Try a live demo and see all this yourself!

Utopia WP

Details | Demo

Brit’s Pub Responsive WordPress Theme

Visualization and conceptual design are the cornerstones of this theme. Careful selection of simple shapes like squares and circles gives it the style of definiteness and simplicity. Color selection of various shades of brown and amber, contrasted to white, is nor random, but reminiscent of a full beer mug. This fact will, probably, go unnoticed by your website guests, but will attune them to positive experience on subconscious level. The theme is unusual in a way that it breaks a typical structure of having a well-delineated lightbox on top and a grid below. All in this theme is integrated into one holistic experience, centered on a mug of first-class beer. Such elements as hand-drawn arrows look simple and comfy to many people. It is like when a real person tries to explain something in a simple way and does not want to burden you with details. Such elements persuade much better then lengthy paragraphs. Moreover designers minded including all the necessary elements to your site: it has a gallery on the frontpage, a place for image-accompanied guest tips and reviews, an integrated Google map and handily displayed hours of operation. The template has an extensive footnote that saves your guests from the trouble of scrolling the page up.

beer wp

Details | Demo

Profeesional Gym WordPress Design

Gym enthusiasts need raw power and energy of this design to keep their bodies rocking and set up for new challenges. The shades of dark grey show concentrated will of a person working for self-bettering. Every muscle is tense and visible; every cell of the body is at work. This pays off when continued. Dark shades suggest the working atmosphere of your place: there is no place for hanging around and pretending as the staff will ensure that you do your best. These shades also express the professionalism and depth of approach in your club, the knowledge of how the body functions that is integrated in every aspect of practice. The design allows you to picture all the best things about your place within the homepage and makes it a roadmap for further exploration. It boasts the achievements and qualifications of your trainers, uncovers the life of your club, features images from flicker and provides a handy Google map. But the main thing is that it keeps people inspired with great images of visible muscles and well-shaped abs. There is nothing more motivating than visualization of a desired outcome. So, uncover all the strong points of you fitness center with this theme that motivates people to make a change in their lives.

gym wp

Details |Demo

A Ticket to Paradise Responsive WordPress Theme

This design of subtle warm colors attunes your website guests to ultimate comfort and relaxation. Deep, warm brown evokes the notion of comfort and safety, shades of sea with sun glimpses playing in it remind of a sunrise on a beach of one’s dream when the sun softly touches your skin and the wind gently brushes through your hair. Desired relaxation is impossible without a well-established trust to your travel agency that can arrange everything in the way that it’ll go with a run. This theme will persuade webpage guests that they can rely on you in arranging their vocation. Everything will run smooth and fulfill their cherished desires. Relaxation is possible as you will take care of arranging transportation, comfortable stay and sightseeing experiences. The template gives you a great freedom to create the categories you need to express the uniqueness of your business. The theme creates a warm feeling of pleasant comfort and carelessness that becomes available thanks to your care and support.

paradises WP

Details | Demo

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