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15 Tabs Navigation Tutorials with jQuery & CSS

Every good website in the world must have an attractive and fully functional tabs navigation tool. Tabs navigation is a set of buttons most often set horizontally. This website element can help in making the website more accessible, and easier to navigate, browse, and operate. However, almost all web programmers know that creating tabs navigation can be quite tricky and a little difficult. Luckily, for us, there are tons of tutorials available in the web that showcases easy and quick directions to create effective and efficient website tabs navigation. Here is a list for sixteen of the best tabs navigation tutorial available in the web. All of these tutorials tackle navigation processes in CSS and jQuery. Most web designers, programmers, and even users prefer both of these style sheet languages. Almost all web designers can probably make the best out of these tutorials, making websites better looking, more usable, and amazingly functional.

Net.Tuts’ Tab Interface

Tabs Navigation Tutorials-10

This tutorial helps web designers, developers, and programmers create tab interface that utilizes all perks of having a great navigation while using only one line of code. This is a relief from other interfaces that requires its developer to be a code god- working through lines upon lines of program codes.

Alfajango.com’s Easy Tabs


Tabs Navigation Tutorials-6

This is another of the many tabs navigation tutorials that is done through jQuery. What sets this apart is the fact that it is a lightweight plugin but it provides full tab functionality. It also allows developers and designers to be creative since its interface promotes customization and personalization.

Unwrongest.com’s Tabify



This JQuery plugin is very easy to use. It is lightweight and very simple to utilize. The only thing that a user need is to create lists and divs that the navigation tabs need.

Red Team Design’s Google Play’s Minimal Tabs


Tabs Navigation Tutorials-5

The first interface in the list to be utilized in both style sheet languages, Google Play’s minimal tabs is a simple element most of us is familiar with our daily browsing of the Internet. This is a cool interface to use because a web designer can experiment with many styles and formats.

Codrops’ Fancy Sliding Form


Tabs Navigation Tutorials-6

One of the most famous tabs navigation tutorials in the web, the Fancy Sliding Form basically works like a slide show. It uses field sets of a form instead of pictures and images. This interface helps designers save a lot of space. It is also easy to access, making it popular to many.

Raymond Selda’s Tab Content Rotator

This great tab navigator on the jQuery framework allows developers to create a rotating tab navigation controller. It is a great tab navigator to use when promoting products or services because of its dazzling and stylish appeal.

Republic of 3’s HTML Tabs

Tabs Navigation Tutorials-12

The first of many of Republic of 3’s tabs navigation tutorials helps developers create HTML tabs. These tabs are widely used because of its convenient way of presenting data to users. It also grants users an easier way of browsing large sum of data without having to leave a page. This tutorial can definitely improve a website’s overall feel.

Will P’s Blog’s Animated Feedback Tabs

The Animated Feedback Tab Thingy in jQuery is a widget that is being used by a number of sites as of now. It is actually very simple because it only uses a hidden div off the side of the page.

CSS Tricks’ Organic Tabs


Organic Tabs is used to prevent the jerkiness of tab transition. This tabs navigation option allows a smoother and faster movement in website tabs. The movements of the tabs are so natural; it seems as if you are not facing a computer screen.

Tutorialzine’s Sweet Tabs


Tabs Navigation Tutorials-11

True to its name, Sweet Tabs help websites become eye candies and eye catching because of its uber modern web design. It also allows a fast and sturdy tab navigation interface. This is a great navigation tool if a website needs more attention in order to promote marketability.

Net.tuts’ Blogroll

Tabs Navigation Tutorials-4

Blogrolls are great addition to most websites. This blog navigation tool provides a sidebar showing related sites that might help blog readers have a better reading experience. This is created using Simple Pie and jQuery.

Net.tuts’ Slick Tab Content

Tabs Navigation Tutorials-3

As the name suggests, this tabs navigation tutorial by Net.tuts helps developers and designers in building simple information tab boxes in HTML. This tool allows developers to create a place to show a lot of information without sacrificing usability.

Sunsean’s idTabs


Tabs Navigation Tutorials-2

The idTabs tutorial allows users a deeper understanding of this great plugin allowed in jQuery. This tool allows a simpler and easier adding of tabs into a website. It is also easy to access because it can be downloaded via the web.

Queness’ Moving and Sliding Tab


Tabs Navigation Tutorials-1

Through this tutorial, users are taught how to create moving tab slide contents. It allows a unique simulation of a lava lamp. This is by far one of the best-animated tab navigation methods.

9 Lessons’ Tab Style Login and Signup


Tabs Navigation Tutorials

This tutorial explains the basic how- to’s of designing a design tab that allows log- ins and registration features. This tool promotes saving website space and enriching and utilizing web projects.

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