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  • jquerysnippets


    10 jQuery Snippets Designers Should Know

    JQuery may be fairly new but it is already used on thousands of web pages around the globe. If you are designer, we are sure you are familiar with this one as well. It is perhaps one of the more vast libraries to be used and can do amazing stuff to your websites. Moreover, it […]

  • 4. Slicebox


    30 Amazing jQuery Sliders for Your Website

    Image and content sliders are an extremely common and important element when it comes to modern web design. You could always spend your time coding your own sliders from scratch but that would be wastage when you have such amazing jQuery sliders available for free and already coded.

  • 7. ILightBox


    20 jQuery Audio and Video Plugins

    There are numerous jQuery plugins for media available online however; finding the perfect one or the best ones can be a daunting task. Having options is good but having too many options can get confusing. In order to ease things for you, we will be bringing you a great collection of 20 jQuery Audio and […]

  • jQuery Tooltip Plugins-7


    27 jQuery Tooltip Plugins

    JQuery Tooltip plugins are those plugins that will allow you to display extra tidbits of information on the website in a very presentable and interesting manner.

  • jQueryPaginationPlugins-3


    21 Amazing jQuery Pagination Plugins

    Plugins are becoming a necessity in today’s high-tech innovative world as they help in improving the website online experience. JQuery pagination Plugins provide users with a great online experience as the clients can access the site using different pages.