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  • Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts

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    40 Fresh Cheat Sheet for Designers and Developers

    A cheat sheet is basically a guide towards unusual programming, framework and software. You can simply take a print out of these sheets in order to access them. These Cheat sheets will make things a little convenient for all designers and developers; we have compiled a list of 40 exceptionally beneficial cheat sheets. These cheats […]

  • RWD Grid

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    12 Useful Responsive Grid Frameworks

    If you want to established a very responsive website that will compete to other growing businesses online, you should know how to utilize the available tools, especially if you are building or creating your platform through WordPress. With these 12 useful responsive grid frameworks, you are not just concocting another site, but you are presenting […]

  • metro-js

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    Metro Style Scripts and Tutorials for Web Developers

    The metro design style is slowly gaining popularity since most web developers today prefer to use it for their various websites with the use of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Originally created by Microsoft as a concept for their Windows phone, the Metro style scripts is the internal code name of the typography-based design language that depend more […]

  • 26 things to note before you develop a website


    How to Develop a Website (Infographic)

    As a Freelancer or a Blogger, when developing a brand new website you need to consider many things such as choosing the domain name and the hostname, establishing the purpose of the website, deciding upon the content, and so on. Even more, you need to know what platform to use and what niche your website […]