Top 10 Free Data Visualization Tools

We all have heard the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and we use it quite often in our daily lives too, but we never get enough time to sit back and realize that it is 100 percent true. A picture actually has the ability to present an extremely complex and vast idea. A single image thus has a lot of power. Just by looking at a single image we can learn and remember so many things. Anything that is presented in a visual form is automatically more attractive and eye-catching as well as being easier to understand and learn. This Data Visualization is a trick used by many to present their boring information or data in an interesting way. The more visually attractive the data, the more attention it is going to get!

If you are trying to find some nice tools that can help you make your data visually more attractive and beautiful, then you are at the right place as today we are going to present a list of Top 10 Free Data Visualization Tools. So check them all out as all of them are truly amazing in their own ways and pick the ones you like the best!


Wiki Mind Map

This one is an amazing tool that allows browsing the content from Wikipedia in an eay and efficient way. As the name suggests, this tool makes use of the mind map technique. This tool allows finding the required information in an attractive way which is easier to comprehend and learn.


Tag Galaxy

Tag galaxy is an amazing tool that allows creating a beautiful galaxy of tags related to a particular thing. The galaxy is visually extremely beautiful and has some bright and radiant colors.



This awesome tool lets you create a free digital timeline. It organizes the web’s content by date and time. It allows creating, sharing, embedding and collaborating on an interactive and visually attractive timelines has the ability of integrating video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps etc.


RSS Voyage

This one is a different kinds of RSS feed reader. It makes reading RSS feed from your favorite websites even more pleasing and interesting. It organizes posts according to time. Simply add all the RSS feeds of your choice and enjoy!


We Feel Fine

WeFeelFine tool presents your feels in a fabulous way. As their website says, it is an exploration of human emotion in six movements! This tool tracks the emotional state of the blogosphere in real time in a beautiful way.

Better World Flux

Better World Flux

This tool aims at making a positive change in the world, thus bringing some beautiful visualization of data of things that really matter in life such as happiness, life expectancy, and years of schooling etc. The data is presented in a colorful flowing Flux.


Data Journalism

With the flood of information coming out every day, data visualization is now a must use technique to make all the information easy to comprehend, as it allows communicating data in a sophisticated and interactive way.

Data Stories

Data Stories

This one is a great podcast on data visualization with Enrico Bertini and Moritz Stefaner. It is bi-weekly and gives you all the help you can want regarding data visualization.


Time Flow Analytical Timeline

This one is a great analytical timeline visualization tool for temporal data. This tool is currently in alpha version so there is a chance of finding glitches. It provides five different displays: timeline view, calendar view, bar chart view, and table view.

Here Is Today

Here is Today

Here Is Today actually tells you exactly what its name says, and that is, where is today in the history since the beginning of earth! It is an awesome and really intriguing and fascinating tool.

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One Comment

  1. This list is definitely missing Knoema.
    Basically Knoema is the largest public and open data repository with 100 M+ time series and 3000+ datasets on different socioeconomic topics such as Energy, Health, Education, Demographics etc.

    The mission of the service is not just to reveal raw statistical numbers, but to make them highly visual and easily accessible to all people who can be interested in public and open data.

    Creating visualizations is based on a simple DIY process of making intelligible tables, charts, graphs, treemaps, interactive maps and so on.

    And to create any kind of visualizations one doesn’t need to use just the system datasets. Every user can also upload private data and mash up private data with data from public sources.

    Just to give you a hint what kind of visualizations can be made in Knoema, please visit our library of ready-to-use visualizations http://knoema.com/gallery and World Data Maps http://knoema.com/tags/World-Data-Maps.


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