Top 25 Best Photo Apps

I am sure all of you are aware with the new sensation, Instagram. I personally love it and consider it to be one of the best photo apps so far. However, Instagram is not the end of the world your mobile can be used for a lot number of reasons than just editing your pictures. There is no denying in the fact that Instagram is absolutely amazing however, today in this article we will introduce you to a lot of new photo apps. We will be covering apps for both iPhone and Android so that all mobile users can benefit from this article. Obviously, these apps can never prove to be a replacement of professional DSLR cameras but still, they will help you greatly. We have collected Top 25 Best Photo Apps for iPhone and Android.

Let’s start with iPhone photo apps.

1. Handy photo

The best thing about handy photo is considered to be its interface. You will find menu options in the corners of the screen making the central screen smooth for editing.


2. Path On

If you want to add cool and trendy text in your pictures, Path On will help you in doing so. The best thing about Path on is that it allows awesome customization features.


3. Frametastic

This is a framey version of Instagram because it if meant to share a bigger picture of your memories. You can organize your pictures and also alter them with the available options.


4. Camera+

I am not a huge fan of iPhone’s default camera app so this is exactly where Camera+ helps me by widening my options. You can take and edit pictures with a lot of advanced features.


5. Facetune

If you are not very comfortable with sharing your images with blemishes on your face or pimples, Facetune is a perfect app for you. You can clear your sking, shape up your features and what not.


6. Geló

It might not be as quick as other apps but you will love it if you are looking to add a few splashes of color in your image. Add tinits or gradient shade – your call.


7. FxCamera

You will feel damn creative if you use FxCamera. The best thing about this app is that you can add your voice while taking a picture.


8. Clone Camera

Looking to double up your image? Well Clone Camera is the perfect app for your demand. You will enjoy using this app a lot, I guarantee that. It will do wonders if you have a tripod.


9. Retromatic

As the name suggests, you can apply a retro or a vintage look to your photos. This is an easy to use app however, offers limited and basic features.


10. Photoshop Touch

This app has been introduced by photoshop for iPhone as well after being available for tablets only. It has a lot of Adobe features and I guess this is enough for anyone.


11. Camera360

This app is for all those people who do not want to see ads while using app. I find it interesting because you can view before and after versions.


12. PhotoWonder

Thanks to a well-designed interface, this app is a speedy one. Play with the app and you add a lot of nice effects on your picture including a collage feature.


13. Vintage Deco

If you are looking to give your photo a retro and handmade scrapbook look, go for vintage deco.


14. Magic hour lite

It comes with a great combination of filters and tilt shift function. It will give your picture a sophisticated look.


15. LINE Camera

This is an easy to use app that offers you a lot of features. You will have filters, ability to add text and other numerous features.


16. Tadaa

If you are looking to apply subtle effects to your picture, Tadaa is an awesome app for you.


17. Rakuga Cute

It looks a bit girlish however, comes with some interesting and unusual features.

Rakuga Cute

18. Camera Awesome

This app comes with a great interface and witty copywriting. It offers some mature features and not childish. Although, editing process is a little difficult but I assure you it will be worth it.

Camera Awesome

19. Photoshop Express

This is a flawless app and the best part is that it was too convenient to use. It offers almost all features of Photoshop. Straighten and flip features helps this app in standing out.

Photoshop Express

20. Aviary

This app allows you to play with your picture and makes sure that you do not come across as childish. Features are for grown-ups however, offers limited features to select from.


Let us now discuss Android Photo Apps:

21. Paper Camera

This is an interesting app because it focuses on displaying effects in real time. Effects offered are great as well.

Paper Camera

22. Pixlr-o-matic

This is a nice android app is you are looking to add some cool retro effects on your picture.


23. FXCamera

Well, there are no guesses here that this app too offers interesting effects. You will love the very famous toy camera effect.


24. 3DSteroid Pro

I am sure a lot of people will love this app because it helps you in creating 3D stereoscopic image. Its so good that you won’t mind paying for it.

3DSteroid Pro

25. Ampergram

It allows you to create innumerable typographic compositions. You can even add letters of your own choice by capturing them.


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