TOP 5 Joomla Templates for Designers

Nowadays, the world of the web has undergone the rapid development that results in the availability of a wide range of website templates. Thus, the Internet entrepreneurs involved in designing are provided with the best options, especially in choosing the best Joomla Templates.

However, the question is how to purchase a template, which will meet customer needs to the full extent, satisfy a demand of a designer, and at the same time will be user-friendly for a person responsible for its functionality and customization. Therefore, we are glad to present the top 6 Joomla Templates for Designers that are available on the market today.


The first one is Djuci. This pro-coded template is dedicated to representing professional web design agencies. Its main advantages include seamless adjustability to various sizes of screen. In turn, layouts style features are clean and characterized by a metro style that brings an eye-catching and trendy look at the template. Along with that, a sticky navigation panel considerably improves the employment. Also, contact details and options of social sharing are easily accessible. A clear content hierarchy ensures better readability of the whole information located on the pages. Eventually, page-width backgrounds and carousel slider extremely enhance the layout. The layout is enhanced with a carousel slider that spices up a visual appeal of the theme. Eventually, visitors can sign in with one click due to the social login feature.


The second best Joomla Template for designers is Furniture. It is a theme where a versatile UI kit enables a user to make necessary edits required by a business. Therefore, it ensures a smooth workflow during editing all pages. Also, there is an opportunity to use Hamburger menu if necessary. The next advantage is that each option can be chosen in one click. Besides, a minimized hamburger icon significantly facilitates the menu as it reveals navigation elements of a site with one click.


The next member of the list is Archx. The Joomla Template meets customer needs using excellent technical service and user-friendly menu. Therefore, if there any technical issue occurs, you can easily resolve it by your own or by contacting Template Monster’s technical support. As well, the documentation is intelligible and complete. Eventually, the features of customization and interface considerably enhance the managing functions and appeal to customers.

Jacobs is the fourth member of the list. Primarily, its features are characterized by a perfect black-and-white color scheme, which is classy and elegant. It is a mobile-friendly template that is complementary with the best SEO widgets. As a result, you will be able to capitalize on each minute spent to promote your product or service. The advantages are a simplification of the main page that featured by a bold and convenient page-width slider.
The fifth option is a Photographer Portfolio Responsive template. It enables you to develop attractive and professional online resumes. Undoubtedly, it is the best theme to represent your works and yourself to potential customers. It is developed according to the newest and best IT standards that make it an extremely beneficial selection for freelancers.
Eventually, Parallax Scrolling Joomla Templates are no less useful and attractive themes for designers. The reason is that they are characterized by a very stylish interface that along with user-friendly peculiarities make these products an exceedingly beneficial investment for entrepreneurs and artists desiring to obtain the respect and financial compensation for their creation.

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