Top Six Tools from Different Creative Millennial

There are many who can play a part in changing the world, of course, for some dreams remain just dreams. Then there are people who are prodigies in a certain field and they somehow manage to make a difference without actually having to make a lot of effort.

If you are a designer, you would understand what we are talking about. If you have an idea, you would probably need help from all those different tools already available to bring your talents to light. There are some who actually come up with such tools all on their own.

Tools are all about how you use them. Just like they say, it’s not the weapon, it’s how you wield it. Same is the case with tools. You can create a masterpiece with the simplest tool, and if you do not have it in you, you won’t even be able to manage anything with the simplest, most powerful tool out there. This particular article concerns few of the more amazing tools out there. So read on to find out more about Top 6 Tools from Different Creative Millennial.

  1. Colour Lovers


This particular tool was released by Daria Kazieva who works as in illustrator in London, United Kingdom. She says she is addicted to color lovers and if she is looking for unusual color combinations, she reverts to this tool. She says she could spend days just looking at different color pallets. Of course, looking at different color palettes could actually give her loads of different ideas. This also helps in avoiding the monotonous effect where you keep coming back to the same color combinations over and over again.


  • Name: Daria Kazieva
  • Job: Illustrator
  • Location: London, United Kingdom


  1. Dragdis


Felix Patrat who works as an interior designer in Paris, France, confesses that he is rather messy. He says he is trying to come up with a new design label which is supposed to promote new designers in the area and around the world. He says it is not easy to come up with inspirations to take that project of his to the next level. He says that Dragdis is his answer to everything. This particular tool will allow you to easily collect things online and it is very easy to use. The tools offers you a sidebar with all your different folders and all you need to do is drag content from the internet into appropriate and you are done. It does not matter if the thing you drag is a picture, video or any sort of content from the web. Think of it as an online, real-time hard drive if you may.


  • Name: Felix Patrat
  • Job: Interior designer
  • Location: Paris, France


  1. Pin Search

Pin Search

Pinterest is full of different things and it is almost really difficult to search for anything and keep a track of it all. Well, Ha-na Lee, who is a landscape architecture grad student in Busan, South Korea says that Pin Search is her favorite Chrome application. You can see where the original pin came from in an instant since the tool performs a background search using Google search. Sometimes credit is not given on Pinterest which makes it all the more difficult for you to reach the source. This will allow you to get directly to the source and potentially allow you to communicate with the source.


  • Name: Ha-na Lee
  • Job: Landscape architecture grad student
  • Location: Busan, South Korea


  1. Color Thief

Color Thief

Sandra Pangonyte is a photographer working in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her favorite tool is color thief and why shouldn’t it be. For photographers, image editing is the main part and they require an accurate palette of a particular image in order to edit it with confidence. Sometimes, with so many different colors you get confused as to which color to include in a particular palette. Well, this tool will automatically generate color palettes for you. This allows you to save time and trouble.


  • Name: Sandra Pangonyte
  • Job: Photographer
  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania


  1. Soundcloud


If you are into music you would understand what this application is all about. If you are a DJ, you would be quite familiar with this one. This is an online platform where different people can create accounts and upload their versions of different songs, whether it is a remix or a cover, you can find it all there. You actually may discover a lot of good music belonging to a vast variety of genres on this website.


  • Name: Nora White
  • Job: Graphic designer
  • Location: New York, USA


  1. ‘Social skills’

Social skills

This is more than just a tool. You can’t really install it and expect it to work. This is more of an internal tool, which you can only develop with time. You can only start to develop this tool once you understand how important it is. You need to start working on your social skills, because no amount of talent will help you get anywhere more than this particular skill. Again, it is more of a skill than a real tool. Work on your social skills, make friends, and you will be happy and quite successful too. Make the right friends too.


  • Name: David Einar
  • Job: Photographer
  • Location: Linköping, Sweden

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