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Twenty-five Responsive WordPress Templates for a New Business

When you’re starting a new business, there are dozens of things to take care of, but for a start-up owner in the Internet age the business website is one of the top priorities. Your company’ web page is where you will be actively driving leads. It’s the website that determines whether or not these leads will become customers.

So what should your website be like to kickstart a newly established business? It needs a professional, credible look, that will help your start-up build trust. It should stand out from the crowd and be visually impressive to grab the visitor’s attention. It should be mobile-ready to work well for those visitors, who browse the web on their tablets or smartphones. And finally, it has to be cost-effective, because your new business has too many things to invest in at the moment.

Is all of that possible at a reasonable price? We say yes: if you build your web page on WordPress, a user-friendly platform that is perfect for newbie website owners, you can take advantage of all the benefits WordPress design themes have to offer:

A New Website in No Time

With an out-of the box design template, it will only take you a day or two to finalize the look of your website. Installing and setting up your ready-made theme doesn’t take nearly as much time as creating a design from scratch.

Professional Design at Low Cost

WordPress templates are created with attention to detail and have a great professional look, while the price is very attractive: you can buy a predesigned theme for less than a hundred dollars. As compared with a custom-created template, it’s a great deal of money saved!

A Mobile-Ready Website

Get one of the responsive themes and be sure your website is not driving away mobile users – and the number of these visitors is growing each day. Your mobile-ready website will look good and be easy to use on any screen size.

A Customizable Design

All WordPress themes are pretty flexible: you can use a template as it is or customize it to your needs and taste. All images design are licensed for use on your web page, but they are easily replaceable if you want to use some other photos.

In this post, we will show you twenty-five responsive WordPress templates that have everything to give your new business a powerful start. Provided by a major designs resource, TemplateMonster.com, these templates are only a part of the huge collection you can find on TemplateMonster’s website. But first, let’s look through this startup selection – may be the design of your new business website is among these twenty-five.

Flat Cyan – Management Company Responsive WordPress Theme

This bright eye-catching design follows the “big” and “flat” trends, looking both bold and tasteful. It’s perfect for a new management business that wants to demonstrate a fresh and original approach.

Management Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Tattoo Art – Tattoo Beauty Salon WordPress Design

With a simple color scheme, this responsive template puts the emphasis and has plenty of elements for displaying photos of tattoos. It’s a good choice for the website of a newly opened tattoo and piercing salon.

Tattoo Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Professional & Fresh – Marketing Agency Ready To Fight WordPress Template

Combining beige and grey with several dusty color accents, this mobile-ready theme has a professional, yet fresh and not boring, look. It will work well for a marketing start-up.

Marketing Agency Ready To Fight WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Smart Design – Unobtrusive Design Studio WordPress Theme

This simple responsive design with flat icons looks tasteful, and the grid is perfect for a portfolio. The template will work well for a brand new design studio.

Unobtrusive Design Studio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Elegant Portfolio – Photographer Portfolio To Gain Popularity WordPress Theme

Softly colored, with lots of space and subtle backgrounds, this mobile-friendly theme has an elegant look. With the image grid, it will make a great portfolio website for a photographer.

Photographer Portfolio To Gain Popularity WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Smart Consulting – Consulting Bureau WordPress Design

With its reserved colors and interesting fonts, this responsive design has an original and slightly retro look. It’s a great choice for a consulting start-up that doesn’t want to look conventional.

Consulting Bureau WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Brit’s Pub – Beer Pub Mobile-Ready WordPress Theme

This attractive design with interesting backgrounds and a nice beer mug image is a good option for a newly opened pub.

Beer Pub WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Italian Delicacies – Restaurant Of Italian Food WordPress Template

Using pleasant warm shades and appetizing http://inspiretrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01, this responsive theme conveys the cozy atmosphere of a small Italian restaurant with delicious cuisine.

Restaurant Of Italian Food WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Cycling Fans – Biking Responsive WordPress Theme

This clean big-resolution design with dynamic photos in the prominent lightbox will be perfect for a website of a new cycling club or any other cycling-related business.

Biking WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Lovely Gardens – Landscape Design Alive WordPress Template

The abundant white harmonizes with colorful photos of landscapes and gardens in this mobile-ready theme. It’s just right for a newly established landscape design studio.

Landscape Design Alive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hypnosis & Therapy – Family Psychologist WordPress Theme

This elegant responsive design with blurred http://inspiretrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01 in the lightbox, which add color to it, is a great option for the website of a hypnosis and therapy clinic.

Family Psychologist WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Maestro – Good Restaurant WordPress Design

This attractive mobile-friendly theme looks especially good with the big and prettily designed coral lightbox. It will be perfect for the web page of a newly opened restaurant.

Good Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Dark & Slick – Farm Industry WordPress Theme

With the dark background and square elements, this mobile-ready design has a slick and modern look. The http://inspiretrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01 make it a good choice for an agriculture-related start-up.

Farm Industry WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Warm Pastel – Design Agency WordPress Template

Using warm pastel colors, this responsive big-resolution theme looks pleasant and tasteful. An unusual lightbox makes it more original – a good option for a new design studio.

Design Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Stylish Advertising – Advertising Agency WordPress Theme

Combining a white textured background with colorful portfolio items in the grid, this responsive template is perfect for the website of a new advertising business.

Advertising Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Best Insurance – Insurance Services WordPress Design

This sleek professional-looking design is 100% mobile-ready and will make a great web page for an insurance start-up.

Insurance Services WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Trendy Legal – Solid Law Firm WordPress Theme

Combining a dark monochrome background with several dusty colors, this mobile-friendly template has a reserved and trendy look. It’s a smart choice for a new legal firm.

Solid Law Firm WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fresh Business Website – Harmonic Consulting WordPress Template

The combination of white and coral gives this responsive template a fresh and pleasant look. Clean, but informative, it will make a perfect website for a young investment business.

Harmonic Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Original Architecture – Construction Bureau WordPress Design

The lightbox photos and the header menu make this responsive theme unusual and original. It’s a stylish choice for a modern architecture and construction bureau.

Construction Bureau WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Harvest Season – Agriculture Business WordPress Theme

With its prettily designed icons and attractive photos, this mobile-ready design will work well for the website of a new agriculture-related business.

Agriculture Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Pure White – Minimal Marketing Agency WordPress Design

With lots of white, small simple fonts, and light photos, this mobile-friendly theme has a pure and minimalistic look. It’s a great choice for a young marketing business.

Minimal Marketing Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Gorgeous Models – Fashion Model Agency WordPress Template

This big-resolution responsive theme looks clean and impressive, with big attractive photos of models. It’s a stylish choice for a new model agency’s website.

Fashion Model Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Hunters’ Hub – Hunting Responsive WordPress Theme

With its beige and khaki colors and photos in the lightbox, it’s a great theme for the website of a hunting club.

Hunting Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Flat Traveling Design – Original Travel Agency WordPress Template

This big-resolution mobile-ready design uses reserved dark colors and flat elements. It’s a great modern choice for a newly opened travel agency.

Original Travel Agency WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Elegant Cafe – Responsive Cafe WordPress Design

This clean and simple design with lovely mouth-watering http://inspiretrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01 has an elegant look and will make a great web page for a new cafe.

Cafe WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

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